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Looking for lodging for pending visit to County Carlow

2-Dec-18 21:40
Ireland XO Community 3 Thank you Jane,  I look
by Ahutchinson 4-Dec-18 18:13

Looking for info on Moses Redmond and wife, Rebecca Dunn Redmond

2-Dec-18 1:59
Ireland XO Community 2 Researching in Ireland in the 1700s
by Elwyn 2-Dec-18 16:18

Boyd, Ferrell, Hamilton, McNeely, Farabee

1-Dec-18 20:40
Ireland XO Community 5 Elwyn
by C Walters 4-Dec-18 0:00


1-Dec-18 16:39
Ireland XO Community, Newry (Down) 7 David,
by Elwyn 4-Dec-18 10:18

Information from Rathfarnham

1-Dec-18 15:14
Ireland XO Community, Rathfarnham (Dublin) 1

William Kavanagh

1-Dec-18 8:53
Ireland XO Community 7 Thanks Shanew147.  I'll search
by Ann 7-Dec-18 22:03


1-Dec-18 8:10
Ireland XO Community, Tipperary 7 Dick,
by Thomas J Hussey 13-Dec-18 22:14

McConnell and Crawford, of the Parish of Killead, Co Antrim

1-Dec-18 6:35
Muckamore Grange (Antrim) 4 Eleanor,
by Elwyn 1-Dec-18 19:47

Great Great Grandparents Moyses & Frances Hannah Kavanagh ( maiden name Brady)

1-Dec-18 6:04
Ireland XO Community 7  
by Shas 6-Dec-18 2:00

Daniel O'Grady born C 1830, Castle Durrow, Laois

1-Dec-18 5:59
Ireland XO Community, Laois 2 Duplicate message
by Jane Halloran Ryan 4-Dec-18 11:56