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Margaret McGarry (born ab 1831 Roscommon), arrived Sydney, Australia 1849, d 1903.

8-Feb-19 13:01
Ireland XO Community 5 Thanks Roger,
by Kezzi 10-Feb-19 21:13

O'Reilly Family

8-Feb-19 11:18
Ireland XO Community 3 Sorry - my mistake and I missed it!
by daisynook 9-Feb-19 10:31

William armstrong

7-Feb-19 16:05
Ireland XO Community, Sligo 2 Angusbag:
by Castlemore Roscommon 7-Feb-19 16:19

Glenbrohane- Fogarty, Purcell, and Kinkead Homesteads

7-Feb-19 14:31
Ireland XO Community, Knocklong (Limerick) 8 Yes please.
by Tim O'Connell 14-Feb-19 16:14

Morrow- Derrylurgan

7-Feb-19 13:32
Ireland XO Community 2 Dear csantia213: 
by Jane Halloran Ryan 7-Feb-19 14:52

Hugh Moloney of Imogeela, County Cork

7-Feb-19 7:03
Ireland XO Community, Imogeely (Cork) 2 Dear Colleen:  Thank you for
by Jane Halloran Ryan 8-Feb-19 16:39

Patrick Lanigan/Catherine Kennedy

7-Feb-19 2:49
Tipperary, Ireland XO Community 6 I would like to thank everybody
by Martin St-Amour 11-Feb-19 23:21

Riordan and Conway Families - Knockaderry Parish, Limerick.

7-Feb-19 0:14
Ireland XO Community, Limerick 6 Roger, 
by bo 9-Feb-19 3:49

Robert Reid of Carnteel, Aughnacloy

6-Feb-19 21:04
Ireland XO Community, Carnteel (Tyrone) 5 Valerie,
by Elwyn 9-Feb-19 5:31

James Welsh

6-Feb-19 14:04
Ireland XO Community 2 I think you would need to try to
by shanew147 6-Feb-19 15:21