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16-Apr-19 21:52
Ireland XO Community, Limerick, Shanagolden (Limerick) 2 Hello John,
by davepat 18-Apr-19 13:33

Research Advice

13-Feb-19 0:42
Ireland XO Community, Limerick, Kildimo (Limerick), Glin (Limerick), Shanagolden (Limerick) 4 Thank you Chrissy and Elwyn. 
by Wendy 13-Feb-19 15:36

O'Connell - Glin/Shanagolden

28-Jan-19 16:30
Ireland XO Community, Shanagolden (Limerick), Shanagolden, Glin (Limerick) 7 Hi Margot,
by Wendy 4-Feb-19 4:26


12-Jul-18 3:29
Ireland XO Community, Shanagolden (Limerick), Limerick 2 Ken,
by jinxxedbyu2 29-Sep-18 14:53

Looking for more information on the hishon family

16-Jun-18 22:00
Shanagolden (Limerick), Limerick 13 Hi Col and Shana. I am the IRO
by Shanagolden Limerick 24-Jun-18 4:42

Christine MACKAY

27-Mar-18 21:31
Ireland XO Community, Shanagolden (Limerick) 17 Shane, Thank you so much. All you
by christmack 11-Apr-18 5:11

Madigan of Shanagolden, Limerick

30-Jul-17 0:58
Shanagolden (Limerick) 4 Hello Em
by Eire2Go 21-Jun-18 4:27

McInerney/McNerney family Shanagolden Limerick

23-Jun-17 7:46
Shanagolden (Limerick) 2 John:
by Castlemore Roscommon 23-Jun-17 15:56

the walch family of shanagolden

19-May-17 21:22
Shanagolden (Limerick) 3 Hi Martin,
by Shanagolden Limerick 20-May-17 7:16

Julia shanahan

27-Dec-16 14:13
Shanagolden (Limerick) 4 Im looking for julie shanahan who
by Shana276 30-Dec-16 1:37