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Are you looking for easy-to-understand guidance to find out more about your Irish family history? Sometimes, complex concepts can be easily demystified by having someone explain it, in person. And that is what our Creating Connections videos do.

During the past year, we've hosted a number of webinars dedicated to helping our IrelandXO members to research their Irish ancestry for free. Covering a range of genealogy topics, from tips about the best free ancestry sites to understanding what the information found in the archives actually means, these webinars are available to view online, at your own pace.

Free expert help to uncover your Irish ancestry

IrelandXO members all over the world have attended our Creating Connections webinars. Make sure you avail of the expert genealogy advice that was shared and use it to search for information about your Irish ancestors, which can then be added to your family tree.

Click on the images below to access any of the Creating Connections recordings.

From Message Board to Meet and Greet

Irish Ancestry Search Meet and Greet

My Irish Ancestry: Irish Emigration Sources

Irish Ancestry Search Emigration Sources

My Irish Ancestry: Irish Census and Substitutes

Irish Ancestry Search Irish Census and Substitutes

My Irish Ancestry: Griffith's Valuation

Irish Ancestry Search August Griffith's Valuation

Diaspora Stories: Epic Journeys Through New York Ports

Irish Ancestry Search Ellis Island New York

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