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Mike Feerick shares his views on the Irish Diaspora, his personal journey and the project ‘Ireland Reaching Out’.

Minister Jimmy Deenihan with Mike Feerick, Fiona Fitzsimons at the Ireland XO new website launch

Mike Feerick was born in New York City to Mayo parents and at the age of 4, the whole famliy moved back to Ireland to eventually settle in Tiernascragy in County Galway.  He has a passion for Irish culture and is single-minded in his vision to connect all people of Irish descent back to their parish of origin.  In this article in the latest edition of Irish Lives Remembered he shares his views on the Irish Diaspora, his personal journey and the project ‘Ireland Reaching Out’.

"If there are 70 million people around the world with Irish links, divide that number by 2000, which is roughly the number of parishes in Ireland. That's an average of 35,000 people per parish. Yet if you go to the west of Ireland in particular there's only about 1000 people living in these parishes

If we can find out who these people are and connect them back into the parish, we can awaken and introduce the energies of these people into rural communities across Ireland - and it will be felt."

Excerpt from the interview with Mike Feerick in Irish Lives Remembered

Irish Lives Rememberd Nov-Dec 2015 Front CoverThe November/December edition (32nd issue) of Irish Lives Remembered Genealogy e-Magazine is now live and can be read/downloaded FREE of charge via


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