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Many Irish diaspora claim heritage from different continents.

IrelandXO Chronicles -  A Diverse Diaspora

Our Irish diaspora is as diverse as the many countries that our ancestors emigrated to. Our emigrants opened our eyes and minds to different cultures and today, both at home and abroad, Irish people can lay claim to ancestry that comes from many different continents.

Here are a few Ancestor Chronicles that feature some well-known descendants of Irish-African and Irish-South American heritage. Click on the images to find out more.

Frank Lynott 1847

A black and white picture of Frank Lynott

Originally from British Guyana, Frank was the maternal grandfather of Thin Lizzy frontman, Phil Lynott.

Abe Grady 1842

A black and white picture of Abe Grady
From Ennis in County Clare, Abe was a great-grandfather of 3-time Heavyweight World Champion Muhammad Ali.

Falmouth Kearney 1831

A black and white picture of Falmouth Kearney
From Moneygall in County Tipperary, Falmouth was the 3rd great-grandfather of Barack Obama, on his maternal side.

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