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We may already hold the key to your Irish family history!

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During the past 10 years, we have welcomed over 160,000 posts and replies on our message board and helped thousands of people reconnect with their ancestors' place of origin in Ireland.

Did you know you can search our entire message archives, including every reply from local volunteers as well as our members from all over the world? Simply type a name, a place or an event in the search box at the top of our message board page to see what turns up.

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Perhaps you hold the missing piece of the puzzle for a member of our Irish diaspora looking to reconnect with their Irish place of origin? Please feel free to join any conversation where you think you have information that might help those looking to discover more about their Irish roots.

Don't forget to include any information you discover about your ancestors on the XO Chronicles, our free platform for documenting the people, places, and events of every Civil Parish in Ireland. 

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Find out more about how our message board can help reconnect people of Irish ancestry with their Irish place of origin and the people living there today.

We hope you have found the information we have shared helpful. While you are here, we have a small favour to ask. Ireland Reaching Out is a non-profit organisation that relies on public funding and donations to ensure a completely free family history advisory service to anyone of Irish heritage who needs help connecting with their Irish place of origin. If you would like to support our mission, please click on the donate button and make a contribution. Any amount, big or small, is appreciated and makes a difference. 

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