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John Steinbeck: I Go Back To Ireland

When: Tuesday, 11 July, 2023

John Steinbeck, Nobel prize-winning author visited County Derry, Northern Ireland, in August 1952, in search of his roots. He wrote from Derry city, on 17 August 1952, to his friend and editor Pat Covici:

John Steinbeck: I Go Back to Ireland

The Story of the Ship Faithful Steward


The emigration trade established Londonderry as one of the chief Irish ports for transatlantic trade in the 18th century. Links between the cities of Londonderry and Philadelphia were established through trade.

The Faithful Steward

Irish Famine Migration to Quebec, Canada

When: Monday, 4 January, 2021

An Gorta Mór, or the Great Hunger, affected the Island of Ireland from 1845 to 1852.  During those years, an estimated 2.1 million Irish, or one-fourth of Ireland's pre-famine population, left the country. The potato blight hit many countries in Europe and the Americas.

Famine Migration to Quebec