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Registry of Deeds - A Repository of Wills & Land Transactions

When: Wednesday, 18 January, 2023

The importance of the Registry of Deeds is built on the fact that it is a repository holding memorials of deeds and wills that mention the names, ages, life events, places and family relationships of people involved in land and financial transactions from the mid-1600s to the present day.

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Registry of Deeds - A Repository of Wills & Land Transactions

IrelandXO Insight - Irish Proverbs

When: Wednesday, 11 January, 2023

"Cad é a dhéanfadh mac an chait ach luch a mharú?"  What would the cat’s son do but kill mice? Explanation: Why would the child behave any other way when its parents are the very same?

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8 Irish Proverbs and their Meaning

Chronicles Insight - Ships and Steerage

When: Wednesday, 28 December, 2022

The dreadful conditions faced by the poorest passengers on board the many emigration ships which crossed the Atlantic during the 19th century have been well-documented, and at times romanticised in books, film, and television.

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Chronicles Insight - Ships and Steerage James Brereton

Women's Little Christmas

When: Tuesday, 20 December, 2022

‘Women’s Christmas’ or Nollaig na mBan is also known as Little Christmas and is widely regarded to mark the end of the Christmas season here in Ireland. It falls on January 6th where in many parts of the world,  it is known as the Feast of the Epiphany, or Three King's Day in Spain or Twelfth Nig

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Womens Christmas