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Registry of Deeds - A Repository of Wills & Land Transactions

When: Wednesday, 18 January, 2023

The importance of the Registry of Deeds is built on the fact that it is a repository holding memorials of deeds and wills that mention the names, ages, life events, places and family relationships of people involved in land and financial transactions from the mid-1600s to the present day.

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Registry of Deeds - A Repository of Wills & Land Transactions

County in Focus - Derry

When: Wednesday, 30 November, 2022

County Derry, also known as Londonderry or Doire in Irish and is one of the six counties in Northern Ireland. Derry is famous for its old intact city walls which surround the city and for the pretty Sperrin Mountains and Lough Neagh.

County in Focus - Derry

Irish Civil Records Online For Free

When: Tuesday, 15 November, 2022

Since 2016, the General Register Office has progressively given free access to over 15.5 million historic register records of births, marriages and death, ensuring that Ireland continues to lead the way in making genealogical information available to the public. The FREE Irish Genealogy

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IrelandXO Insight - Irish Civil Records Online

Best Irish Family Tree Makers

When: Monday, 14 November, 2022

Talk to anyone who has spent some time researching their Irish ancestry, and they'll all tell you "it grows legs." Despite all our best efforts to keep things simple, Irish genealogy research is a bit... a lot... like our confusing signposts and winding boreens – a fun journey,

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Best Irish Family Tree Maker

Old Irish (Gaelic) Girl Names & Nicknames

When: Tuesday, 1 November, 2022

Introduction When Christianity was introduced to Ireland, some old Gaelic names became more popular because they sounded similar to saints' names e.g. Treasa > Teresa | Máiréad > Margaret | Áine > Anna.

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Old Irish Names for Girls & their aliases
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