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Ireland XO Insight - The Guinness Archive

When: Friday, 29 June, 2018

The Guinness Archive was created in 1998 when they employed their first professional Archivist to curate the history of the company and its employees. The foundation document of the Guinness Archive is the 9,000 year lease signed by Arthur Guinness on the St.

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Ireland XO Insight - Irish Proverbs

When: Thursday, 14 June, 2018

"Cad é a dhéanfadh mac an chait ach luch a mharú?"  What would the cat’s son do but kill mice? Explanation: Why would the child behave any other way when its parents are the very same?

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1718 Bann Valley Migration Commemoration

When: Thursday, 24 May, 2018

For further details and dates for this commemoration, please see the following link:

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Programme Cover for 1718 Bann Valley Migration

Save the Loughrea Town Hall

When: Friday, 27 April, 2018

LARC are passionate about bringing the Town Hall to life once again in Loughrea and believe this iconic building can be placed at the heart of Loughrea’s cultural and economic life for generations to come. The group are hosting a Who Wants to be a Thousandaire event on May 12th

Loughrea (Galway)
Loughrea Town Hall