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Located near the heart of Dublin's city centre, the Parish of St Catherines is an active member of the national diaspora programme Ireland Reaching Out.  Whether you are tracing your family tree or looking to connect with Irish people abroad, we are delighted to welcome you to our community.

St. Catherines Dublin represents the civil district area, as historically apportioned, located over approximately the same boundaries of the St.Catherine's (Church of Ireland) parish and the St.Catherine's (Roman Catholic) parish. An area similar to that known as The Liberties (previously just outside the walls to the west of Dublin) now covering an area approximately from Thomas Street in the north to Rathmines southeasterly.

The district has many notable highlights, historic sites, residential aspects, and storefronts, including sporting parks, arts, architecture, and a commerce tech hub, now a sub-section of southwest and central Dublin, adjacent to the historic Guinness Brewey tour.

Past and Present Population

1798 less than 2300 persons
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1840 pre famine era ____
1860 post famine era ____
1920 post union era ____
2016 present ____



Ireland Reaching Out Team

Members of our civil parish interest group include a diverse geography which includes descendants on the island, as well as Argentina, South Africa, Australia, United States, and the U.K. We hope to share family history research tips, encourage others to learn about the district, support the local economy, and extend a welcome to visit the area. Content text submissions for the district webpages here would be gladly received.

History of the Parish

St. Catherines Dublin is a triple parish district, encompasing a diverse history which includes the peoples of St. Catherines (Church of Ireland), St.Catherine's (Roman Catholic), and the St.Catherines civil parish designation. The area was also home to an independant minded diversity, part of The Liberties, being located just outside the ancient city wall of Dublin, which included many Flemmish, Lutheran, and Jewish trades persons, with early industries including silk weaving, woolens, brewing, and international trade. Banking concerns under the Earl of Meath provided the first loans to women and minors. Jamesons early distillery was in the district, as well as many of the original family brewers which were consolidated into the Guinness brand. Robert Emmet is associated with the area, as was part of the greater St.James parish, canal enterprises, and military recruiting grounds.


Argos, 18 Acres, Uppercross Barony

Haroldscross, (Town), Uppercross Barony

Haroldscross, 87 Acres, Uppercross and Muni. Borough Barony

Mountjerome, 28 Acres, Uppercross Barony

Rathland East , 40 Acres, Uppercross Barony

Rathland West, 37 Acres, Uppercross Barony

District Area Map

showing the upper sector of St.Catherine's civil parish region in west Dublin

neighboring streets and approximate general region also known as The Liberties or the Brewery District

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