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Ancient Sweet Donoughmore: Life In An Irish Rural Parish To 1900 ISBN 978-0-9 933867-1-8. Published by Redmond Grove Publications, Gurraneredmond, Donoughmore, Co. Cork. e mail

Ancient Sweet Donoughmore chronicles the growth of an Irish rural district in Mid-Cork to the beginning of the twentieth century. Along this journey the archaeology, early Christian and medieval periods are explored; leading to a study of the religious and agrarian aspects; the Great Famine and development of education culminating in an examination of the economy and the land question. Donoughmore is an old and historic district with the richest storehouse of pre historic monuments in Munster. Its early Christian church is synonymous with the patron saint Lachtin whose reliquary is one of the finest examples of 12th century metalwork in Ireland. Through a long period of settlement, a story of cultural identity and fortitude is unfolded relating to the people who inherited that landscape. Primary evidence never previously published gives the reader a direct and fascinating insight into the lives of people and transports them though a time tunnel of suspense and intrigue with some surprises.

Since its publication Ancient Sweet Donoughmore: Life in an Irish Rural Parish to 1900 has captured the imagination of many local history enthusiasts and commentators:

· Natalie Milne, National Archives of Ireland ‘ a book that transcends local studies… it is a scholarly piece of work…invaluable to both local historians and wider scholars’.

· Ansel O’ Healihy ‘We’re Haleys from the United States (Michigan) the book is mind-blowing…if you are from Donoughmore, a descendant of the parish like myself and my Dad , or just interested in a little big part of history, get this book’

· Peter Costello, Irish Catholic Newspaper ‘in its way it is the epitome of the history of many other places’

· Paul Clements, Irish Times ‘ The hills and boreens in this historic-soaked rural area house a wealth of pre historic antiquities… eleven chapters embrace 6,000 years of human existence’.

· John Arnold,  Cork Evening Echo ‘This latest work ‘’bates Banagher’’ when it comes to research, content, lay-out and production…the readership will come from a far wider constituency’.

· Louise Madden O’ Shea,The Archive ‘This is a comprehensive, fastidiously researched book… it is beautifully and engagingly written …for those who are passionate about local history it is essential’

In its own inimitable style the book has shown what a local publication can convey not alone a story of similar parishes but embraces the history of Ireland. Easy to read the reader can dip in and out as they please with riveting and fascinating human stories from prehistory up to the end of the 19th century. Generously illustrated with photos, maps, tables and line drawings it is supplemented with relevant references, citations and appendices.

Guaranteed to enthral and delight even the casual reader it transports one back in time and gives the feeling of almost living each era by its vivid narrative and engaging tones.

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