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I have recently completed a book called "The Celtic Fringe" which is about a voyage of discovery & how I traced my family back to Ireland following the loss of my father some 34 years ago.

After many visits to the West of Ireland, I consider that I was extremely fortunate to be able to find the birthplace of my great grandfather Patrick Geraghty who was born c1830 in Co. Roscommon.

Moreover, I was delighted to meet the remaining family in the same town-land together with extended family and neighbours who had met my uncles and aunts who used to visit Ireland in the 1920s and 1930s.

This I have also set against the clan dimension going back the 12th century and before, and the significant role that the Geraghtys played.


"The Celtic Fringe was an interesting read, an honest account of Nick Geraghty’s arduous journey in finding his roots! It was of particular interest to me because of common ancestral roots in Co. Roscommon. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys irish history, especially if your name is Geraghty!"

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