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Gerard Byrne Studio would like to virtually welcome you to ‘Botanical Fusion’, our interactive online gallery tour featuring the latest botanical work of Ireland’s Modern Impressionist, Gerard Byrne. 

The collection showcases a series of works painted by Byrne in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, where he spent a month as Artist-in-Residence in 2019. His Residency was initiated by the Embassy of Ireland in Singapore, and supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs. The exhibition also includes work Byrne completed in London’s Kew Gardens and in his beloved National Botanical Gardens in Dublin. 

From anywhere in the world, you can take a tour of the Gerard Byrne Studio at your own pace, to enjoy Byrne’s skilful renderings of light and the richly dark colours of lush tropical foliage. Find yourself transported into a world of abundant botanics, as Byrne paints to “capture not only what I see but also the energy of my surroundings”. The botanical gardens of Dublin, Singapore and London are united through Gerard’s artwork, while differences in atmosphere are celebrated in the changing quality of light throughout the paintings.

Our virtual tour includes a number of interactive features:

  • Commentary from guest speakers Pat Byrne, Ireland’s Ambassador to Singapore and Ron Bolger, Honorary Consul-General of Singapore in Ireland, as well as from Gerard Byrne, the artist himself. 

  • The magnifying glass feature which allows you to see each painting in greater detail.

  • Information on the dimensions and medium of each artwork.

  • The innovative ‘on the wall’ feature, which allows you to get a more realistic sense of the size of each artwork.

  • The ability to enquire about the purchase of the paintings. 


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