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Hollywood star Josh Hartnett is no stranger to the Dingle Penninsula

Josh Hartnett (Pearl Harbour, Black Hawk Down and Sin City) is actively connected to his West Kerry roots. 

"I've been on the southwest coast quite a few times because that's where my family is from originally." 

His paternal great-grandparents, Maurice Hartnett (Muiris Ó Hairtnéada) and Ellen Savage (Eibhlín Ní Shabháin) were born in Co. Kerry and emigrated to Minnesota in the 1860s. 

"My father is half-Irish and my stepmother is fully Irish, and I've spent quite a bit of time in Ireland. My mom's family is from the Dingle Peninsula" he said.

Josh Hartnett aka Joshua Daniel Hartnett is the son of Daniel Thomas Harnett who is of Irish (paternal) and German (maternal) descent. Josh's grandfather was Daniel Lawrence Hartnett II (b.1916) who married Irene Huch. 

Josh’s great-grandparents were Minnesota-born Daniel Lawrence Hartnett (1879-1967) and Iowa-born Anastasia “Statia” McGovern (1883-1959). Her parents Martin A. McGovern and Mary Ann McGarrity were also born in Ireland.



Ó Hairtnéada aka HARTNETT (descendant of Artnéada; battle-bear, battle-stone) is the name of an old West Munster family still numerous in Cork, Kerry and Limerick. Ó Sabháin aka​ SAVAGE (descendant of Sabhán; strong, firm; also a cub, whelp) is also an old Munster surname, found chiefly in Cork, Kerry and Tipperary; now almost always disguised under the anglicised form of Savage.

Mag Shamhráin aka McGOVERN (son of samhradhán; diminutive of samhradh: summer); the name of an old Breifne family, the head of which was chief of Tellach Eachach, now the barony of Tullyhaw, in the north-west of Co. Cavan; still very numerous in these parts. Mag Aireachtaigh aka McGARRITY (son of Aireachtach; member of a court or assembly, an old Irish personal name) is an older form of Mag Oireachtaigh. [SOURCE: Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall]


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An Daingean, Co Chiarraí
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