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Clare County Library's Local Studies Centre is a reference library and research centre dedicated to the collection of material on any aspect of County Clare. Located next to the de Valera Library in Ennis, the Local Studies Centre is open to the public free of charge.

Genealogy & Family History

Much of the material in the Local Studies Centre has been digitised and published online:  Online Resources for County Clare 

Genealogical Office - The Local Studies Centre holds three reels of microfilm of documents [follow link here for more info...] from the Genealogical Office at the National Library of Ireland.

Land Surveys - The Books of Survey and Distribution record landed proprietors and their estates during the 2nd half of the 17th Century. Thomas Moland surveyed the Earl of Thomond's estate, which included large tracts of land in Clare, in 1703 and 1711-12. The Tithe Applotment Books (1830s) and Griffith's Valuation (1855), similarly, give information on land holding in the 19th Century.

Maps - First edition Ordnance Survey 6" (1842) and their accompanying Letters and Name books, compiled under the direction of John O'Donovan, are available. In addition to earlier and later Clare maps.

Estate Records - The Petworth House Collection comprises filmed copies of some papers of Lord Egremont, who held extensive lands in Clare, during the 17th and early 18th centuries. The Studdert Papers includes details of the Burton, Arthur, Lloyd, Studdert, North and other estates between 1880 and 1930. The O'Brien Rent Rolls date from 1685 to 1828. Manuscripts relating to the Duke of Buckingham's estate in north-west Clare in 1847 and 1848.

BooksJournals and local Parish and sporting magazines 

Newspapers - The following newspapers are available and copies of the national daily papers are held for three months

  • Celtic Times 1887 
  • Clare Advertiser and Kilrush Gazette 1870–1873, 1881–1885
  • Clare Champion 1903-present (see Index to Biographical Notices in the Clare Champion 1935-1985 and Index to Biographical Notices in the Clare Champion newspaper 1903-1934
  • Clare Freeman and Ennis Gazette Feb 1853-Jan 1884
  • Clare Independent and Tipperary Catholic Times 1877-1885
  • Clare Journal and Ennis Advertiser 1778-1779, 1787, 1791-1792, 1794-1799, 1801-1805, 1807-1812, 1815-1816, 1818-1822, 1826-1917
  • Clare News, April-August 1979 
  • Clare People 1977-1980
  • Clare People 2005-present
  • County Express 1979-present
  • Dunboyne Collection of newspaper clippings 1824-1873
  • Ennis Chronicle and Clare Advertiser 1788-1797, 1799-1812, 1814-1820, 1825-1831 (1805 is online)
  • Ennis Express 1979-1982 
  • The Freeman's Journal 1763-1820Irish Times 1859-1870; 1916-1922; 1987-2007
  • Kilrush Herald and Kilkee Gazette 1879 (5 June-18 December 1879), 1880 (1 January-18 March 1880), 1889-1896, 1900
  • Limerick and Clare Examiner 1846-1855
  • Limerick Evening Post 1811-1818 
  • Limerick Reporter 1845-1852
  • Pue's Occurrences 1752, 1758, 1759 
  • Saturday Record 1885-1887, 1890-Sept 1936
  • Sunday Tribune 1983-1987

Photographs - The photographic collection contains c. 4,500 prints of Clare scenes. 

Records of Local Government - Grand Jury Presentment Books, outlining the construction of roads in the county, have survived, in part, since 1830 as has the Corporation Book of Ennis (1660-1810). 

List of Proposals adopted by the Proposals Committee and Rural District Councils and considered by the County Council at half-yearly meetings, 1903-1920 (incomplete).

Folklore - The Scheme for the Collection and Preservation of Folklore and Oral Tradition operated in nearly 200 Clare National Schools is now available online on the Dúchas website.

Catholic Parish Records 
Catholic baptism and marriage registers (where available) can be viewed microfilm in the Local Studies Centre or online at

Church of Ireland Parish Records 
Parish of Drumcliff (Ennis): Register of Baptisms 1744-1748; 1785-1870. Register of Marriages 1744-1748; 1785-1845. Register of Burials 1744-1748; 1785-1869. Register of Confirmations 1838 and 1842. Burial Register of Drumcliff Graveyard, Ennis July 1888 – March 1964; April 1974 – January 1995 (on microfilm) with map to show location of graves.

Please note that it is not possible for staff at the Local Studies Centre to do look-ups of these registers on behalf of enquirers.

The Great Famine in Co. Clare The Reports of Commissioners for enquiring into the condition of the Poorer Classes in Ireland, 1835-7, have data on the circumstances of impoverished women, children and the old and infirm. Extensive papers relating to the Famine and its relief, 1846-53, include correspondence from Relief Committees and documents relating to the Poor Law administration. 

The Reports of the Commissioners of National Education, 1834-1920, detail the establishment and development of the national school system. 

Bureau of Military History, Clare Witness Statements, 1913–1921 a compilation of the history of the movement for Independence from the formation of the Irish Volunteers on 25 November 1913 to the signing of the Truce on 11 July 1921. There are copies of 44 Clare witness statements available. These can be viewed online here.

War of Independence Compensation Claims, 1921-1923 A full list of the Clare claimants is given here. These can be viewed online here.

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