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A fully restored 15th century Anglo-Norman tower house, it is situated on the banks of the River Clare, close to Claregalway village, on the N17 road. 

The Castle is situated on the lowest crossing point of the River Clare before she flows through bogland into the Corrib. While commonly referred to as a castle, technically it is more accurately described as a tower house. They were fortified residences that also served in a military capacity.

Exploring the castle and its environs through a guided tour, visitors can find out about its fascinating, often bloody, six hundred year history. Visitors can also discover some of the castle's secrets, learn about what everyday life in a Medieval Irish castle was like, and hear about the colourful characters who once lived there, such as the 1st Earl of Clanricarde, Ulick na gCeann (of the heads/beheader), Ladies Estacia Fitzgerald and Honora de Burgo, the notorious Cromwellian commander Sir Charles Coote, the great Hollywood actor Orson Welles and many more. 

Claregalway, County Galway, Ireland
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