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The Doaghbeg Website and Facebook Page.   

Dedicated to a small town-land in the North-East of the Fanad peninsula called Doaghbeg. Many stories, photos and records have been collected and shared to help to give visitors a pleasant look at some historical and current information relating to the history of Doaghbeg and its people.  

Like most rural town-lands, a lot of local history died along with its people, therefore gathering this information now has never been more important. We hope the keep both these sites fresh with new information over the years and we call upon visitors to share their stories, photos and any details they may have relating to Doaghbeg. 


We hope the content is enjoyable and the site itself is easy to navigate. A better experience is enjoyed when using the desktop version (computer or laptop) as opposed to the mobile version, but both are fine as the content is there and that is the important thing. 

The Website can be found easily by typing into your browser. 

The Facebook Page can be found easily by clicking this link - Doaghbeg 


Ireland Reaching Out  

– A fantastic local and historical resource, very well done to all involved! 

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