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How to link in with your ancestral County or Parish Community depending on what you know...

We're here to help you discover more about where your Mayo ancestor came from. See below for a QUICK FIND list of Mayo towns and villages with direct links to their civil parish.



1. All I have on record is "Mayo"...

If your ancestor was from County Mayo (and that's all you know)

  • Ask our local volunteers on the Mayo Message Board to discover more.

  • add your Ancestor to our County Mayo Ancestors roll-call

  • You can always EDIT your Ancestor Chronicle later (to LINK them to their Parish of origin when you learn more).

If your ancestor was from "Mayo Parish" ... join the civil parish of Mayo (Mayo) 

3: Which Parish?

To find the civil parish for a TOWN, VILLAGE or population centre in Co. Mayo, just click the link... 




  • Carracastle (civil parish of Kilbeagh)

  • Carrowteige (civil parish of Kilcommon ERRIS)

  • Castlebar (civil parish of Aglish)

  • Charlestown (civil parish of Kilbeagh)

  • Claremorris aka Clare (civil parish of Kilcommon CLANMORRIS)

  • Cong

  • Corroy (civil parish of Ballynahaglish)

  • Crossmolina

  • Callow (civil parish of Killasser)

  • Castlehill (civil parishes of Addergoole & Crossmolina)

  • Carrick (civil parish of Kilmore)

  • Carrownisky (civil parish of Killgeever)

  • Carrowbeg (civil parish of Burrishoole)

  • Carraholly (civil parish of Kilmeena)

  • Cloghbrack (civil parish of Addergoole)

  • Cloghans Hill (civil parish of Kilcommon KILMAINE)

  • Clogher (civil parish of Burriscarra)

  • Cloghmore (civil parish of Achill)

  • Cloondaff (civil parish of Addergoole)

  • Cloonfallagh (civil parish of Aghamore)

  • Cloontia (civil parish of Kilbeagh)

  • Cuilmore  (civil parish of Burrishoole)

  • Culleens (civil parish of Kilmoremoy)

  • Currane (civil parish of Achill)

  • Cregganbaun (civil parish of Killgeever)

  • Cross (civil parish of Cong)

  • Cushlough (civil parish of Aghagower)


  • Dooagh (civil parish of Burrishoole)

  • Derreen (civil parish of Achill)

  • Derryvohy (civil parish of Killedan)

  • Doocastle (civil parish of Killturra)

  • Drummin (civil parish of Oughaval)

  • Dry Mills (civil parish of Kilvine)

  • Dooega (civil parish of Achill)

  • Doogort (civil parish of Achill)

  • Dooleeg (civil parish of Kilcommon ERRIS)

  • Doohooma (civil parish of Kilcommon ERRIS)


  • Fallmore (civil parish of Kilmore)

  • Finny (civil parish of Ross)

  • Foxford (civil parish of Toomore)


  • Glenamoy (civil parish of Kilcommon ERRIS)

  • Gweesalia (civil parish of Kilcommon ERRIS)

  • Garranard (civil parish of Moygawnagh)

  • Geata Mór (civil parish of Kilmore)

  • Glenisland (civil parish of Islandeady)

  • Glencorrib (civil parish of Kilmainebeg & Shrule)

  • Glenhest (civil parish of Addergoole)

  • Glenamoy (civil parish of Kilcommon ERRIS)

  • Glenree (civil parishes of Kilgarvan & Kilmoremoy)


  • Hollymount (civil parish of Kilcommon KILMAINE)



  • Keel (civil parish of Achill)

  • Kilkelly (civil parish of Kilmovee)
  • Killala

  • Kilmaine (civil parish of Kilmainemore)

  • Kilmovee

  • Knock aka Knockdrumcalry 

  • Knockmore (civil parish of Ballynahaglish)

  • Kiltimagh aka Newtown Brown (civil parish of Killedan)

  • Keenagh Beg  (civil parish of Crossmolina)

  • Killasser

  • Killedan

  • Kilmeena

  • Killavally (civil parish of Ballintober)

  • Killadoon (civil parish of Kilgeever)

  • Killateeaun (civil parish of Ballinrobe)

  • Killour (civil parish of Ballinchalla)

  • Kilsallagh (civil parish of Oughaval)

  • Kincon (civil parish of Kilfian)

  • Knockanillaun (civil parish of Ardagh)



  • Manulla aka Minola

  • Mayo

  • Moylaw (civil parish of Crossmolina)

  • Mulrany or Mallaranny (civil parish of Burrishoole)

  • Murneen (civil parish of Kilcommon CLANMORRIS)

  • Murrisk (civil parish of Oughaval)

  • Midfield (civil parish of Kilconduff)


  • Newport aka Newport-Pratt (civil parish of Burrishoole)

  • Neale (civil parish of Kilmolara)

  • Newfield (civil parish of Burrishoole)

  • Newtown Cloghans (civil parish of Kilbefad)


  • Partry (civil parish of Ballyovey)

  • Pontoon (civil parish of Turlough)

  • Portacloy (civil parish of Kilcommon ERRIS)

  • Palmerstown (civil parish of Templemurry)

  • Park (civil parish of Turlough)

  • Pollatomish (civil parish of Kilcommon ERRIS)

  • Pollagh (civil parish of Achill)

  • Porturlin (civil parish of Kilcommon ERRIS)


  • Rathlackan aka Rathlacken (civil parish of Kilcummin)

  • Rossport (civil parish of Kilcommon ERRIS)
  • Raheens (civil parish of Islandeady)

  • Rakestreet (civil parish of Crossmolina)

  • Rathnamagh (civil parish of Kilfian)

  • Ross West (civil parish of Turlough)

  • Roonah Point (civil parish of Kilgeever)

  • Roundfort (civil parish of Kilcommon KILMAINE)


  • Shrule

  • Srahmore (civil parish of Burrishoole)

  • Strade (civil parish of Templemore)

  • Swinford (civil parish of Kilconduff)

  • Sonvolaun (Kilmovee)

  • Scardaun (civil parish of Kilcommon ERRIS)

  • Sheean (civil parish of Islandeady)

  • Srah (civil parish of Ballyovey)

  • Sraheens (civil parish of Bohola)


  • Tagheen

  • Tourmakeady aka Tourakeady (civil parish of Ballyovey)

  • Turlough

  • Tippe (civil parish of Kilmore)

  • Tierna (civil parish of Burrishoole)

  • Tonregee (civil parish of Achill)

  • Tooreen (civil parish of Aghamore)

  • Toomour (civil parish of Kilturra) 

  • Tulrohaun (civil parish of Annagh)


  • Ummoon (civil parish of Templemore)

  • Urlaur (civil parish of Kilmovee) 


 4: Which Parish for a townland or other placename?

  • FASTEST: Google "civil parish" along with your placename. (No result? The spelling has been modernised. Ask for help on our MESSAGE BOARD)

  • MORE OPTIONS: Search the Placenames Database of Ireland (under ARCHIVE they list all the old spelling variations).



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