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The Great Pollet Sea Arch

The Great Pollet Sea Arch is a real hidden gem of Fanad in County Donegal.

It is a spectacular natural sea arch and a fantastic example of marine erosion. It is located on a totally unspoilt stretch of coastline and has a lovely pebble beach adjoining it. This beautiful landmark is much photographed and a quick internet search will bring up many fabulous images for you. It is a steep hike down to the beach from the road but you wont be disappointed!

With very minimal signage, it is not the easiest place for the visitor to find so be sure to check your directions in advance (Google maps or the good old fashioned OS map will not let you down) and don sensible and sturdy footwear to tackle the steep track down which is not for the infirm, the unfit or the high heeled!

There are plenty more bays, sandy beaches and loughs to discover around the Fanad peninsula, from attractive coves, to surfing strands, and of course the pebble beeches too. You're also not far from excellent golf courses, horse riding, hill walking, fishing and water sports. Several scenic drives are signposted locally including the Fanad Drive - the most recent is the Mulroy Drive around the lovely Mulroy Bay.  

On the other hand you may find the relaxation, views and tranquility of Great Arch Cottage difficult to leave!

Visit Fanad and enjoy!

Climbing the Great Pollet Sea Arch, Co Donegal.

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Written by Pól Ó Conghaile

Last month, Malta's famous 'Azure Window' collapsed into the sea. Donegal's Great Pollet Sea Arch is still standing. Spectacularly. Located in Fanad, the little-known sea arch is another hidden gem in a county already boasting Northern Lights, Star Wars locations and lakes beneath lakes.

Our video footage (above) was captured by climbing guide and adventurer Iain Miller of Unique Ascent, who undertook an expedition to the Great Pollet Sea Arch with fitness expert Pat Divilly and cancer survivor Nikki Bradley last month. The trio successfully located, climbed and abseiled off the 25-metre arch.

Although relatively easy to access, it is rarely climbed, Miller says.

"It sits in the perfect location just out to sea from the base of a 30-metre sea cliff," he adds. "The lonely east coast of the Fanad peninsula has enough unclimbed rock for easily several summers worth of play." From the top, the view was "absolutely stunning," adds Bradley, who climbs with crutches after undergoing two hip replacements due to a rare form of bone cancer. Nikki was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma  at age 16.

Now cancer-free, she is a public speaker and founder of the 'Fighting Fit for Ewing's' (FFFE) campaign."I would highly recommend people make the trip to Fanad to see this master piece for themselves," she says... albeit with a warning attached. "I wouldn't recommend you attempt to climb it without an expert, such as Iain. Parts of the climb were slick with grease from rain and I struggled at times to find grip."

Bradley and Miller have completed several daredevil adventures together, including a breathtaking climb of the 200m Sturrall Ridge, and an abseil from the Fanad Lighthouse - challenges that push themselves, inspire others and promote Donegal.

Not that Donegal needs the promotion.

This year alone, the county has been voted one of the coolest places to travel in 2017 by National Geographic Traveller UK, and named Ireland's Hidden Gem in and Weekend Magazine's Reader Travel Awards.

"The entire county could be described as a hidden gem!" Bradley says. "The deeper into the Donegal wilderness you go, the more sea stacks, rock faces and beautiful hill walks you will find." Ironically, the trio climbed the arch during the same week that Malta's famous Azure Window, which featured in Game of Thrones, collapsed during a storm. "It felt very fitting to climb the Pollet that week," she says.

NB: The activities described in this article were undertaken with a professional guide at the climbers' own risk.

Climbing can be extremely dangerous, and should never be undertaken without suitable levels of expertise or fully qualified guides.


Trip to the Great Pollet Sea Arch in Co. Donegal, Ireland.

by Gintaras Jakutis

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Pollet, Fanad, Co.Donegal (near the Village of Doughbeg)
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