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I am a professional Genealogist and family history researcher with genealogy and oral history qualifications, based in Dublin, Ireland, in business since 2013.

I research using a combination of databases and repositories, covering all counties of Ireland, and can customise my research to match your budget or specific instructions.

I carry out an initial assessment and if there are not sufficient records for more detailed research I inform you before accepting any payment.

I produce a personal, tailor-made Family Tree product ideal for special occasions such as wedding anniversaries, or 'big' birthdays, that will become a family heirloom for future generations.

If you plan to visit Ireland in the future I can help you locate your home place by researching in advance of your trip.

I cover all areas of Ireland, UK, military (i.e.British Army, WW1, Irish War of Independence etc)  Irish police (RIC), and emigration

I'm also available for consultations, talks and workshops on any Irish genealogy-related topic.

Hibernia Roots

Contact Person: Noreen Maher

Numbers of Years in Business: 7

Area of Expertise: Ireland and UK; military/police; emigration

Professional Affiliations: Association of Professional Genealogists (APG)

+ 353 86 8865601
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