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"The Leaving of Loughrea" is the story of the Lally family between 1818 and 1848 and could just as easily be your story if you have ancestors who were among over a million people who left Ireland during the early 1800s. 

This family lived in the Loughrea area of Co. Galway on the west of Ireland and their life is similar to so many Irish families as they struggled against the odds, were overwhelmed by the tragedy of the Great Famine and were forced to leave their homeland.

This book explores how the Irish lived at that time, how they thought and the reasons for the situation in Ireland. It brings together the many strands of Irish society and the economics, politics and philosophy that dominated their lives. 

It also describes the terrible journeys that members of the family undertook to reach England, America, Canada and Australia.  The story is illustrated with many pictures taken from contemporary publications and with quotations from people in Ireland at the time.

The book is widely available around the world. It has been widely acclaimed in the Irish press, websites, genealogy publications and has a 5 Star rating on Amazon.  (Just google "Leaving of Loughrea").

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