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John Hoban is a troubadour.  One of Castlebar's most respected musicians, singer, and storyteller.  John has travelled the world playing, learning, collecting and listening.  Well-known folk-singer Christy Moore said about him, 

Meeting Johnny Hoban is always like a good fleadh cheoil for me.
I look forward to lingering with him upon "the plain
of the yew tree".
He is a pillar in my life. Nelson would only be in the ha'penny place.
Take me home to Mayo Johnny Hoban..."

This is his story. From the Plain of the Yew Tree takes the reader on a journey through music and time across the five continents. The author invites us to join him on his rambles through Ireland, London, Australia, America and many other places, meeting, listening to, and playing with every kind of 'musicianer'. Poets, artists, writers, mystics and people from every walk of life are travelling on this mystery train with John Hoban as he unravels his life memories and explores his deep relationship of trust and belief in music. Music has been his guide and his constant companion through good times, bad times and other times. Music has been survival itself for John. This tale presents us with the tapestry of a life lived through music, providing us with a rare insight into the life of a modern-day Troubadour. This is a unique tale told in an unmistakeably West of Ireland voice. A story told with humour, sensitivity and devotion.


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