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Rathmullan, County Donegal 

Located on the shore of beautiful Lough Swilly, the village of Rathmullan is well known for it’s delightfully unspoiled, three kilometer long, sandy beach. Here in the protected waters of the Lough you can swim, sail, canoe, or windsurf  without any of the swell or currents which you find on the Atlantic coast further north. And, of course, reduced swell brings faster sailing and a more pleasant ride. Yes, Rathmullan is the perfect holiday retreat for the whole family, and now, with the awarding of its “Green Coast Beach Designation”, its excellence has at last been recognized. Whether you are into building sandcastles, or chartering a small fishing boat, Rathmullan can oblige. On the small pontoon next to the ferry ramp, a number of deep-sea angling boats await visitors who wish to explore the further parts of the Lough, or try their luck fishing its waters. 
Rathmullan is, of course, a ferry town, and the stunning car-ferry journey from Rathmullan to Buncrana is absolutely delightful. Those 30 minutes out on the still dark waters of the Lough are a treasure as you leave the town behind, and route northwards towards the colour of Buncrana. Mountains and hills slip behind you, and headlands come and go, as the compact diesel powered ferry chugs its way sedately to Buncrana. A magical trip! 



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The village of Rathmullan was very famously the point of departure of “The Flight of the Earls”, a heart breaking exile, and a great loss to Ireland in terms of political leadership. In September 1607 a French ship sailed from the town, carrying much of the Irish leadership into exile. On board were Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone, and Rory O’Donnell, Earl of Tyrconnell, together with more than ninety of their family and followers. The ship was bound for Spain, but fierce storms forced them to disembark in France in early October. Thereafter they made their way to Rome, where they remained in voluntary exile, and where O’Neill died in 1616. 
But in spite of the tumult of days gone by, Rathmullan is now a tranquil, almost sleepy, village where locals and visitors watch the sunrise over Lough Swilly in the morning, and take strolls along the beach at twilight. 



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