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Meath Travellers Workshops is proud to be a Traveller-led community development organisation that is approachable and accessible to all.

We cherish and promote Traveller values and identity, and through partnership, training and education, seek to promote equality for all.

Meath Travellers’ Workshops is a voluntary Community Development Organisation, which is a partnership of Travellers and Settled people working together.

Our Programmes include

  • Traveller Heritage
  • Traveller Culture Awareness
  • Childcare & Family Supports
  • Youth and Community Development
  • Traveller Education, Accommodation, Employment also providing family supports
  • Citizen information.

"Mincéirs (Irish Travellers) are a traditionally nomadic ethnic minority indigenous to Ireland, distinct from the majority Irish population. Throughout history, varied terminology was used to describe us such as ‘Tinker/Tynkr’, ‘Itinerant’, and ‘Gypsy’. Mincéir is our true name in our own language i.e. Cant/Gammon, Traveller is a term put onto us because of our nomadic identity. The first mention of us is in the 5th century where we are called ‘whitesmiths’ because of our association with tin-smithing. However, our history is largely unrecorded, partly due to our oral tradition and state historical neglect." Dr Sindy Joyce

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CYWS Hall, Fairgreen, Navan, Co.Meath
046 - 9027801
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