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When my great great grandmother, Mary Eliza Curley married in the Kilbride Presbyterian Church on 5.11.1877 her father was listed as John Curley a labourer.  Mary's first child John Devenney was born in 1878 when Mary and her husband Robert were living with her father John McCurley in Carntall, Ballylinney.  I have found a John Curley, labourer from Cartnall died on 6.7.1882.  He had an accidentall fall and his death was referred to the Coroner for the County of Antrim.

Is it possible to find information from the Coroner [hoping it might give information on family] and where he was buried.

I have been unable to find any information regarding Mary's parents apart from her father's name John.


Thursday 7th Jul 2022, 08:20AM

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  • Dianne,

    If the Coroners files have survived, they will be in PRONI (the public record office) in Belfast. They won't be on-line. So you either need to go in person, or get a researcher to do that, or you can ask PRONI if they will search and copy (for a fee).

    You often get inquests reported in the papers. In this case I searched the British Newspapers Archive but did not find any mention of this case. There was an inquest relating to a nasty murder near Ballyclare around the same time, and it seems to have filled the papers. Your ancestor's case may not have been reported because of the more significant case on at the same time.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 7th Jul 2022, 08:44AM
  • Many thanks Elwyn.  I am not in Ireland so will have to find another way to check PRONI records.

    Where should I look to find birth/baptism records for Mary Eliza Curley who I think was born about 1849? [looking for a mother's name].  The family were Presbyterian.

    When Mary Eliza Curley married Robert Park H Devenney the witnesses were : Joseph Nesbitt and Jane Carlin - I will try seaching them in case they were relatives.

    I am unsure of the connection but a Francis Curley who was a Councillor in the 1900's fits somewhere in the family - any suggestions where should I look for information regarding his family.

    Robert Devenney died 10.10.1931.  A death notice in the paper had that he was a Brother of the Pounden LOL No 915.  His son, John Devenney was also a Brother.  Can you advise what Pounden LOL was/is.  I have tried unsuccessfully searching.  Is there any place to find records ?


    Tuesday 19th Jul 2022, 03:44AM
  • If you are unable to go to PRONI yourself, you could employ a researcher. Researchers in the PRONI area:

    Tradition was to marry in the bride’s church. Mary Curley married in Kilbride Presbyterian so that may be where she was also baptised. Kilbride’s baptisms start in 1848, so if your 1849 estimate is accurate you may just scrape in. The records are not on-line anywhere so far as I am aware but there is a copy in PRONI.

    This might be the Francis Curley who was a councilor. Lisnalinchy is not too far from Kilbride. The property looks to still be a farm today, on the modern Hillhead Rd.…

    LOL stands for Loyal Orange Order. So your ancestors was an Orangeman (A loyalist and supporter of King William III). The Orange Order is organized into lodges, similar to Freemasonry. You might find something on Pounden Lode, whih was evidently his lodge, by contacting the Orange Order’s HQ:

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 19th Jul 2022, 02:21PM

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