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I have traced back through the 1901/1911 census their information but i am struggling to find any information on their parental family line. I have a copy of their marriage certificate and have drawn a dead end with any records or information prior to the 1901 Census. i have traced most of their 6 children: Mary Morrow, Annie Augusta Morrow, Jennie Morrow, Prudence Morrow, James Foster Morrow, William John Robinson Morrow. I have some of their birth certificates/marriage certificates/death certificates and have struggled to find out anything prior or past 1901/1911. Mary Morrow was my Great Grandmother and i have found she passed away at Clifton House in 1995. Her daughter Mary Anne was my Grandmother and lived in Mount Collyer Road Belfast and migrated to Australia in 1954. I am visiting Belfast in November 2022 and would love to hopefully have more information prior to arriving. Thank you in advance to anyone who will reply and/or know any information - records etc. 

Rochelle Scott

Monday 26th Sep 2022, 08:08AM

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  • Rochelle,

    The 1911 census tells you the family had 9 children, 1 of which had died.…

    I can see 9 in the records:


    William 24.6.1887

    Mary 2.10.1888

    William 25.2.1871

    Prudence 4.2.1893

    James 27.4.1895

    Annie 28.8.1897

    Jeanie 12.12.1899

    Samuel 4.4.1902

    Henry 19.8.1903.

    First William is evidently the child that died. It was common to re-use a name in that way. I think he died 22.8.1887.

    Family were at 44 Joseph St in the 1911 census (the number on the census is the enumerator’s private numbering system and is not the postal address. Click on “additional pages 2” to get the postal address.

    There’s a tree on Ancestry (Crossan family) that says William Morrow 1832 – 1908 die din Belfast 7.12.1908, mother Martha Bell 1832 – 1909 died 25.12.1909 Belfast. Son James Foster Morrow died 20.6.1917 Flanders. Samuel died 13.6.1922 Belfast. Jane Foster reportedly died 1937. Several others of the children also have information in that tree so I won’t bother repeating it here. If you have a look at that tree, then let me know if you have any additional questions and I’ll see what information is available.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 26th Sep 2022, 08:34AM
  • Hello Elwyn, Thank you so much. Thats great information. I'm currently not a member of Ancestory (however i've asked for it as this years xmas gift) ... We didnt know there was Samuel Jnr or Henry so thank you so much. We also had Jeanie's spelling as Jennie - again thank you. We have never heard the names of Martha Bell and William Snr (so to speak) so again thank you. So i am presuming Martha & William Snr were parents of Samuel Morrow? The father of the 9 children you mentioned?


    Again THANK YOU as i now have some more leads and i am very appreciative of your information. 

    Rochelle Scott

    Wednesday 28th Sep 2022, 08:15AM
  • Rochelle,

    Jeanie & Jennie are interchangeable. My own grandmother was Janet on her birth certificate but Jennie to her family. We have a lot of interchangeable names like that in Ireland, eg Sarah & Sally, Robert & Robin. So that’s all very common. (Likewise in Scotland which is where the Morrow family probably originated in the 1600s).

    The owner of the tree I mentioned has William Morrow & Martha Bell as Samuel Morrow’s parents. Here’s a marriage that fits in 1854:

    Note that William’s occupation was also a shoemaker. The marriage was in Belfast Registry Office.

    Here’s your Samuel’s birth in 1867:

    I can see likely siblings, all born Belfast:


    Sarah 14.5.1865

    Robert 27.2.1870

    Margaret 28.8.1872

    Andrew 15.3.1876

    From the 1901 census, there also looks to have been a Mathew born c 1876 but I can’t see his birth in the records.

    Birth registration only started in 1864 in Ireland, so there may well have been other children born 1854 – 1863 but they will be harder to find. You would need to rely on church records. Not all are on-line. That said, I do see a baptism for a Mary Anne Morrow in Belfast in 1858 and Martha Morrow 1860 both with father William Morrow. Likely at St Anne’s Church of Ireland whose records are on-line (pay to view on rootsireland).

    William & Martha in the 1901 census:

    Family was Church of Ireland (ie Anglican).

    Here’s Martha Morrow’s death in 1909. Informant son William John:

    Here’s William’s death in 1908. Informant was daughter Maggie, evidently still single.…

    Once you get your Ancestry account, there is a facility for contacting tree owners. It looks as though the Crossan family have quite a bit of information and they may be able to provide more that is not shown on the tree.

    Given the numbers of people in the Morrow family that I have found from this fairly cursory research, there are likely to be a lot of descendants around today. In general, it’s not IRO policy to give out details of living people but the Crossan family are clearly one set of descendants and they may know of others. Their tree is not marked private so they would appear open to being contacted.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 28th Sep 2022, 10:53AM
  • Good day Elwyn, That information is amazing and im thrilled. I will definatley be contacting the CROSSAN family when i get my Ancestory membership. Im going to look for all the Morrow records within the links etc and anything else i can find, Absolutley fantastic information. Im also starting on my Great Grandfather which surname is Scott and I will reach out again if you dont mind in the near future. Again thank you so so much. Have a nice day.

    Rochelle Scott

    Friday 30th Sep 2022, 07:52AM
  • Hi Rochelle my name is Michael Crossan I am the great grandson of Annie morrow my mum remembers Mary and I have photo of Mary and all her nieces at her 100th birthday. Feel free to get in touch Your sincerely Michael crossan

    Michael Crossan

    Monday 5th Dec 2022, 08:21PM

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