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From what I understand they were married in 1843 I believe in County Armagh, their son Thomas Hughes was born in about 1845 in the same parish and later moved to Scotland where he married Marion Cruickshank Hatrick in 1870 in Paisley, Renfrewshire. I'm mostly just looking for any more information about his family if anything exists from that far back I'd love to know.

Friday 17th Mar 2023, 07:02AM

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  • The 1870 Scottish marriage certificate tells you John Hughes was alive then (and was a surfaceman) and that Sarah Buckley was dead. So, assuming they were still in Ireland, you could search the death records 1864 to 1870 for Sarah, and 1870 onwards for John. Unfortunately the records for 1864 to 1870 aren’t free to view yet so you would need to pay to view them on the GRONI site at £2.50 a time. Those from 1871 onwards are on the irishgenealogy site and are free to view.

    What denomination were the Buckley family, do you know? Judging by the 1901 census of Armagh, nearly all Buckleys were Church of Ireland (ie Anglican). Tradition was to marry in the bride’s church so that’s probably the denomination to search. There’s 28 parishes in Co Armagh. If you don’t know where in the county the family lived you would need to search them all. Not every parish has records for the 1840s though. Some were lost in the 1922 fire in Dublin. The non RC marriage records from 1st April 1845 are on-line. I have checked them but see no sign of this marriage. So that points to them marrying before that. So you only need to search up to 31st March 1845.Some of the surviving records may be on rootsireland but they don’t have all parishes for all years. The most complete set of Church of Ireland records for Armagh is held in PRONI in Belfast. Personal visit required to view them.

    I note that, in December 1870, Thomas gave his age as 23, so pointing to year of birth of around 1847.  That’s before the start of statutory birth registration (1864) and so again you need to search church records for a baptism. Again you need to know what denomination he was. The RC records are on-line (but I don’t see a baptism for him). Other denominations often involve a search in PRONI, and again not every church has records for the 1840s.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 17th Mar 2023, 09:03AM

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