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Looking for the birth place and immediate family for my GGG Patrick Reilly. He Died at age 96 in Carlow, Ireland on February 11, 1899. This made him born around 1813 but we can not find a record of him. Given DNA relations I believe he may have been from Meath or Cavan. The first record of him is in Carlow when he married Winifred Noonan at age of 43 and they had 6 children together. They owned a Public House at 77 Tullow Street in Carlow. 

I think he may have been sent to Australia, otherwise imprisoned or had another family elsewhere prior to relocating to Carlow and marrying Winifred. Those are my theories for why he married so late in life but I have found nothing to support any of that yet.

If any one has any Patrick Reilly's born close to this time please reach out :) I would love to research them farther!


Tuesday 18th Jul 2023, 12:36AM

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  • Hi


    See from his death entry it gives his occupation as retired grocer and police pensioner.Would he have perhaps been an RIC constable stationed in Carlow ?

    That might explain the "late "marriage although a man marrying at 43 would not have been as unusual then.

    Have you checked RIC records ?Think these give place of birth etc.


    Tuesday 18th Jul 2023, 04:00PM
  •…; Record for Winifred Noonan married to Patrick Reilly  


    3 Apr 1856

    Ballon and Rathoe, County Carlow, Ireland        children, Edward Reilly 1857-1885

                                                                                       Marian Reilly  1861-

                                                                                       Maryanne Reilly  1865-

                                                                                       Peter Reilly  1865-


                                                                                     Thomas Reilly 1858-1903

                                                                                      Patrick Reilly    1860 1937         


    Tuesday 18th Jul 2023, 04:38PM
  • Eileen

    Tuesday 18th Jul 2023, 04:51PM
  • Winifred Noonan baptised  7/7/1821 Ballon and Rathoe, Carlow. Father Thomas Noonan, Mother Anne Noonan


    Tuesday 18th Jul 2023, 04:54PM
  • Attached Files

    Attached is Patrick's RIC pension record which commenced the same month and year he married. There are also two enrollment records, one from Meath and the other from Cavan, on Ancestry for a Patrick Reilly; but hard to know which one is his. 




    Tuesday 18th Jul 2023, 04:55PM
  • Eileen

    Tuesday 18th Jul 2023, 05:07PM
  • Thank you everyone for the wonderful information! I am looking in to everything now :)


    Friday 28th Jul 2023, 07:56PM
  • Thank you al so much!!!! The RIC constable information was the tip I needed! I traced all his pension report records, got his start date and I already had his death date and with this info I was able to match him up to his original work record and found he was born in county Armagh and was working as a shoemaker before he joined the police and was sent to Carlow. He retired 3 days before he married my GGG. This is an amazing find. I was looking in the wrong counties all together!


    Saturday 29th Jul 2023, 02:52PM

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