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Lissie (my 2nd great grandmother) was Baptised in Dublin 1838, although I think born in Springburn. Her parents were Andrew & Johanna Kearney. I know Johanna's maiden name was McMahon.

Lissie was 1st cousin to Father Thomas Maguire, the great preacher and priest. She was also neice to Father Patrick Maguire. However I cannot find siblings of her parents and so the link between her and the Maguire's isn't available to me.

I know she lived in Cavan for her married life as Lissie Mathews (married to Dr James Mathews). I also know that Tom Maguire was from around the area.

I would love some help or suggestions from anyone.

Thank you,


Sunday 27th Aug 2023, 10:38AM

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