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Hello, The townland Killygowan, sometimes Killagoan is listed sometimes with Kildallan Parish, sometimes with Kilmore Parish, and occasionally as part of County Mayo. Can anyone clarify? It does seem to be a border townland between Kildallan parish and Kilmore, and the 1821 census contains what may be a lead, if it was improperly listed as Kilmore, but actually belongs in Kildallan (where it is sometimes listed). Any thoughts are welcomed.


Thursday 8th Dec 2022, 07:26PM

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  • Cfitziv: There is a very large parish called Kilmore in Co. Mayo and sometimes records were erroneously assigned to the wrong county when the name of the parish is in two counties. There are two townlands in Co. Cavan called Killygowan. One is in Kilmore parish and the other in Kildallan parish. Although the parishes border in a small area, from the maps at I don't believe the two Killgowan townlands border each other. Let me know if you have further questions. Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 8th Dec 2022, 10:28PM
  • Roger, Thanks so much for your quick and thoughtful reply. I should have considered as much, as we often have the same thing here in the States. ("Springfield"s aplenty) The map reference helped quite a bit, and I see now that the two Killygowans in Cavan are a fair bit apart. I think (based on other family records) that it's the Kildallan one off of R199 east of Killeshandra I'm looking for, but the records I've discovered are from Kilmore parish. I just hoped I had finally broken through the brick wall. Sigh. Back to the tomes. Thanks again for the clarification. Best wishes of the season! Charlie


    Friday 9th Dec 2022, 03:20PM

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