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Looking for information on Catherine Cullinan, born abt 1831, I believe, in County Clare. Her parents are Mortimer (Mortrid) Cullinan and Maria Hehir. She emigrated to Watervliet, New York abt 1853...where she married Philip John Bronk, abt 1855. She had a sister, Maria.


Saturday 5th Nov 2022, 11:27PM

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  • Attached is a record of a baptism of a Cathrina Cullinan in Rath parish (Corrofin) Co. Clare in 1831.

    A Murtagh (Mortimer) is recorded in the adjoining parish of Ruan.

    I will search for any siblings of Cathrina (Catherine) and get back to you later.

    Credit: Subscription site



    Sunday 6th Nov 2022, 08:10AM
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    Church record of baptism - Catherine Cullinan 1831



    Sunday 6th Nov 2022, 08:22AM
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    Error - previous scan.



    Sunday 6th Nov 2022, 08:26AM
  • Transcription record of the baptism of a Maria Cullinan in Rath (Corrofin) Co. Clare - March 1835.

    I attach records of land lease in 1830 to a Murty Cullinan in the town of Corrofin. The Estate is being 

    sold in 1856 and the record shows him as Dead. 

    It is possible that this Murty Cullinan in the father of Catherine and Maria Cullinan.





    Sunday 6th Nov 2022, 12:27PM
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    Cullinan - Murty - Deceased

    Lot 5 Descriptive particulars of the properties.



    Sunday 6th Nov 2022, 12:56PM
  • Wow! Thank you, McCoy. Much appreciated!


    Sunday 6th Nov 2022, 09:53PM
  • McCoy,

    Again, thanks for the very welcome information you've provided. A Question:  Is there any way to determine more about Catherine's sister, Maria. For example, did she get married, have children...and perhaps have living relatives today?

    Bill Bronk


    Monday 7th Nov 2022, 05:19PM
  • Bill,

    Nothing found for Maria Cullinan, other than her birth.

    Baptismal Sponsors were Michael Doolan and Anne Sheehan (Local names)

    Baptismal Sponsors for Catherine Cullinan were Richard Burly/Burley and Maria McEnery/McInerney?

    Richard Burley is recorded in Corrofin. His wife appears to be Janice Flynn.

    Tithe Records for the parish of Kilnamona has a Patt Burley and Partners farming there. There is a Morty Cullinan

    farming in the townland of "Cuigacuid" in the same parish in 1827. That townland is not recorded in Griffith's Valuations - Post 1842.

    Credit: and's - Free sites



    Wednesday 9th Nov 2022, 02:28PM
  • A slight detour, but you may find some information. There was a lot of families from County Clare that emigrated. Some to Australia. There are DEFINITELY Hehir families that left, because my family have marriage ties to them. They arrived in SOuth Australia around Yorke Peninsula. But there is also donated material for families which include Hehir to the US - this link may help you find some clues for your family too.… I know there was a place called Little Ireland in the US - it was settled by 12 families from County Clare. They were along a river in New York. I think Cattaraugus County. Sorry, I don't know locations in the US. There IS information on the HEHIR family and include some of the other names you have mentioned on an older chat from County Clare library, link below. It mentions COROFIN too.


    Tuesday 27th Dec 2022, 09:18AM
  • My deep thanks to both McCoy and Lilly for the invaluable information they've provided. It's one more step in breaking down brick walls...and allowing me to learn more about my Irish heritage.


    Thursday 29th Dec 2022, 02:58PM

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