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I’m trying (and not having much luck) to find William Connole and his wife Bridget. A relative of mine believes they came from County Clare.

Info I have is that William Connole was born around 1836 and his wife Bridget in 1839. I do not know what her maiden name was. They are on the 1861 census, married and living in England with no children as yet. I haven’t been able to find William or Bridget on a census in England before 1861 and cannot find a marriage record. So my best guess has been that they probably got married not long before that and possibly in Ireland. 
Unfortunately none of the census records I have say anything about the area in Ireland they were from. So I’m sticking with my relatives info on County Clare though I have also tried looking elsewhere. 




Thursday 29th Jun 2023, 01:51AM

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  • Best,

    Civil records in Ireland did not come into force until January 1st 1864, so it is a question of finding a church record for William. Many churches do not have records prior to c1870.

    A William Connole is recorded in the parish of Kilmacrehy (Liscannor) 1820's - Tithe Records and a William Connole is recorded in Corofin (Parish Rath) in 1858 and 1859. Posible connection to your William?

    Do you have the names of children born to the couple.



    Thursday 29th Jun 2023, 08:29AM
  • Did they have a son called Frances?
    Did they live in Leeds?



    Saturday 1st Jul 2023, 12:15PM
  • Hi Margot, yes they did have a son called Francis born around 1879 and they did live in Leeds. Other children were Catherine, Annie, Ellen, Alice and Jeremiah.

    McCoy thank you for all the information. I will look through your reply this weekend and let you know if I have any questions. Much appreciated l. 


    Friday 11th Aug 2023, 01:15PM

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