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I am trying to find out what area of County Clare my ancestor Martin Griffin came from. His Australian certificates have him born anywhere from 1840 to 1846. His death certificate of 1896 states his parents are Patrick Griffin and Mary Cunningham and he was was County Clare. He had been in NSW 40 years. I cannot find his voyage out to Australia. The closest family I can find is Pat Griffy and Mary Cunningham of Doora Kilraghtis parish but their Martin was born in 1836. There are so many Patrick Griffins on land valuations etc I can’t pinpoint his location. Any help or ideas greatly appreciated.


Friday 7th Jul 2023, 01:35AM

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  • Ó Gríofa (pron. O'Greefa) aka Griffen includes Griffy as a spelling variation.

    Their Martin Griffy born 1836 may have been an earlier child who died in infancy (they would have named a subsequent child with the same name if it was an important one to keep alive in the family). It's also not out of the realm of possibility that a 19thC ancestor's age was up to 10 years out. They really weren't counting back then. 


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    Hope this helps!

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Friday 7th Jul 2023, 02:52AM
  • Martin Griffy , baptised 1/2/1836 at Doora, Ennis , Co. Clare. Father Pat Griffy and mother Mary Cunnigam. Remember in this time few people could read or write and age could vary by many years.


    Friday 7th Jul 2023, 11:42AM
  • Martin Griffy,  baptised 26/10/1845 at Doora, Ennis, Co. Clare . Father Pat Griffy and mother Mary Hallnan. Is it possible the first wife died and Pat remarried.


    Friday 7th Jul 2023, 11:47AM
  • Birth of Brigidda Griffy  (Bridget) 11/1/1829 Pat Griffy and Maria Coningham  ( spelling varied) Doora, Ennis, Co. Clare

  Birth of Joh's Griffy 

  Birth of Thomas Griffy  27/3/1830

  Birth of Henry Griffy 7/1/1838

  Birth of James Griffy  7/2/1833   Note the variation in spelling on these certs but they are all the same family.

  Birth of Margaret Griffy 7/7/1841


    I think this family is a good match with your Martin Griffy, Doora is a small village outside of Ennis which is the main town in County Clare. Good luck with your search.


    Friday 7th Jul 2023, 12:24PM
  • Thanks Rua and Eileen for this information. I had thought about those theories you suggested but it is good to have others suggest them too. There is a Jim Hallinan as a sponsor on Margaret's baptism.When he was in Australia  for about 17 years he ended up marrying a 16 year old. This might have been why he only put a 10 year age difference on his children’s birth certificates! This gave his birth year around 1846. His death certificate has him born around 1843 but on his grave stone it seems to be have been amended to make it a1840 birth. 


    Sunday 9th Jul 2023, 02:13AM
  • Jhowlett,

    Earlier baptism for Griffy's record the address as Knockanane. This may be the present "Knockanean".

    Tithe Records - 1823 - 1837 record Pat Griffy in Knockanane West in 1825. There is also a Martin Cunningham in the townland.

    Source: - Baptisms & Marriages.

    Unfortunately, after c1835 there is no address recorded.



    Thursday 13th Jul 2023, 08:49AM
  • Thanks for that information.


    Friday 14th Jul 2023, 01:33AM
  • The map is great. It will give me somewhere to visit. It does sound like the family especially with a Cunningham there too.


    Friday 14th Jul 2023, 01:39AM

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