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i write from Australia seeking info about a Honora Nestor.

I have accessed some immigration records on Ancestry which shows a Honora Nestor arrived in Australia aboard the "David MacIvor" on May 19 1852, she was aged 20 and listed as not reading or writing. She appeared to be with Mary Nestor aged 22. Both girls were listed as being house servants and being born in Ennistymon. Their parents were listed as Michael and Ann. There was a note that the mother was living in Ennistymon. I inferred from this that the father may have been dead or living elsewhere.

Despite this info being found I am not sure if it is the Honora Nestor I am seaching.

"My Honora"  was married on June 6th 1855 to a Robert Hagan ( though showing as Hegan) in Sydney. They were both listed as catholics. The witnesses were a John and Catherine Nestor. I am not sure if they are Honara's siblings or parents.

Both Robert and Honora marked their wedding certificate with an X.

I purchased a copy of the  wedding certificate as I was hoping it would give me background information about place of birth and parent names. I was in initially more interested in the heritage of Robert Hagan/Hegan.

I am writing on the off chance someone might have a link to Honora. I have accessed other information online about the Nestor family and there appears to be a huge group in America. I actually linked some of their information to my family, which I believe I will need to read carefully and perhaps delete.

Many thanks



Many thanks


Thursday 8th Sep 2022, 12:25PM

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  • Helen:

    Unfortunately, the RC records for Ennistymon parish start late (1870) so no baptismal record for Honora would be available.

    The 1852 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing for Kilmanaheen civil parish (which includes Ennistymon) did not show any Nestor records. However, in nearby parishes there were some Nestor records including a couple Michael Nestor records. The parishes were Kilshanny and Killaspuglonane. Keep in mind that your Michael Nestor may have been deceased by 1852 or not listed in the Griffiths because he was only a labourer and not leasing land. Below is a link from the Clare County Library showing all Griffiths records with the surname starting with an "N".

    Can I suggest that you consider a DNA test? The matches you get may be helpful in trying to connect your Honora Nestor back to Ireland.

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 8th Sep 2022, 04:11PM
  • Helen,

    Attached some records which may be of assistance in relation to the Post by Roger.

    Kilshanny parish is just North of Ennistymon and there is a Michael Nestor leasing a house valued at 2/- in the townland of Ballytarsna.

    Ennistymon being the principal town in North Clare is the address that people would give, even though they did not reside there.

    The ship David McIver had on board a Mary Carthy, age 20 years and a Bridget Cullen, aged 22 years. Both gave their address as Ennistymon.

    In March 1852 a family named "Lysaght" travelled to Australia on the ship Sir George Seymour. They gave their address also as Ennistymon.

    A family named "Lysaght" lived in Kilshanny parish. The family included a "Thomas Lysaght" aged 23 years.

    There is a record of a Mary McCarthy marrying a Thomas "Licet" on December 27th 1852.

    Credit: Subscription site  and  for Griffith's Valuations - Free site



    Thursday 8th Sep 2022, 06:06PM
  • Helen,

    Record for Bridget Cullen and Mary Carthy - Ennistymon


    Thursday 8th Sep 2022, 06:49PM
  • Thank you all for your response. I have just woken and thought I would re-read my request and was pleasantly surprised by the generous and prompt responses.


    Honora is the  3rd great grandmother of my son in law. I have just purchased him a DNA test so it will be great to assist with the investigation into his unknown cultural background. 


    I will spend the day following up on your suggestions.



    Thursday 8th Sep 2022, 09:47PM

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