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John Grady (b c 1820) married Mary Hynes (b c 1820) in about 1852. They had at least 8 children - John (1854), Stephen (1856), Bridget (1857), Thomas (1857), Mary (1858), Anne (1858), Edward (1862) and Patrick (1865). 

I am in touch with descendants of Edward living in the USA and trying to find any connections with the rest of the family. I have failed to find baptism records but Edwards US death record shows his parents as John and Mary and his place of birth as Feakle.

In an 1898 Patrick Hynes Woodfield obituary kept in a O'Grady family bible there was a T. O'Grady recorded as attending - this suggests that Mary Hynes may have been connected with that Hynes family?

All the obvious sources have been checked so I'm hoping that somebody with local knowledge might unravel this knot for me. Many thanks in advance. Liam


Saturday 1st Oct 2022, 11:15AM

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    Griffith’s Valuation (1855) gives the following John Gradys as head of household in Feakle:


    Griffith  Grady    John       Annagh               Feakle    Co. Clare            

    Griffith  Grady    John       Rossanure           Feakle   Co. Clare            

    Griffith  Gready  John       Killanena              Feakle   Co. Clare


    as well as two other Gradys:


    Griffith  Grady    James    Annagh Feakle   Co. Clare            

    Griffith  Grady    James    Kilbarron              Feakle   Co. Clare


    As well as a Hynes:


    Griffith  Hynes    Mary      Corlea   Feakle   Co. Clare


    Sunday 2nd Oct 2022, 02:16PM
  • Dear LiamK:


    Many thanks for your post to the IrelandXO message board. 

    I cannot find any reference to an O'Grady/Grady and Hines marriage or family in Feakle or the surrounding parishes.  I have checked Roots Ireland and there is a family matching that description with some of the names that you mentioned above.  Mary was baptised in 1858 to John O'Grady and Mary Hynes.  The residence was Killina.  Catherine was baptised 1862 to the same couple with the same residence.  This doesn't mean that they were the same family, but it may be a clue.  

    I have checked a possible "Thomas O'Grady" and there are several entries in the 1901 Census.  One of them is a connection to an O'Grady family that I am familiar with.  I also have a connection with an O'Grady family in Feakle through my husband's family.    If you would like to contact me, please feel free to do so at:


    All the best,



    Tulla Clare, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Monday 3rd Oct 2022, 07:58PM
  • Hi, I checked the townland map for Feakle. No Killina was mentioned, just Killanena. Perhaps Killina was an alternate spelling or pronunciation. So Mary Grady, bap. 1858, was probably born in Killanena where a John Grady  was shown living there in Griffith's Valuation.



    Thursday 6th Oct 2022, 09:48AM
  • Patricia,

    This entry refers to the baptism of Mary Grady in the parish of Kinvara on August 1st 1858.



    Thursday 6th Oct 2022, 06:09PM
  • Thanks!


    Friday 7th Oct 2022, 09:31AM
  • Thanks, McCoy. I didn't see the reference to Kinvara parish.


    Friday 7th Oct 2022, 11:04AM
  • Jane, Patricia & McCoy, Many thanks for your responses.

    I got excited when I found that Kinvara family - right parents, right timing - but the children did not include an Edward and otherwise did not fit with the info from the US family. I also noticed that in the same parish there were other Grady and Hynes families so the odds on a Feakle connection were low.

    I think part of the challenge here is that these Gradys probably lived and had children in Feakle Lower - in Annagh or Rossanure probably - and as the baptism records there only start in 1860 we have no records. I suspect that all of the children were born and baptised before 1860, hence the gaps. I have checked the known birth info for Edward and it seems to be about 1857 and not in the 1860s as previously thought. The Patrick date should also be suspect.

    Looking at the 1901 census I can find no obvious connections to the family even looking at married women whose maiden names were Grady and father was John but now were known by different surnames. 

    I wonder whether all of that family emigrated?

    I will keep looking



    Saturday 8th Oct 2022, 11:46AM
  • Hello everyone. I am from Australia and over a number of years, have researched my Tulla ancestors (Looney and Dwyer) and in the course of that came across what I have set out below. Cornelius Looney married Catherine Grady/O'Grady in St Mary's Church Feakle in 1825. They followed their 2 daughters to Australia in 1857 and died here. Sadly, they were each buried in unmarked graves which I have now found. Here is what I know from my research:

    CATHERINE GRADY was born in Feakle in County Clare in 1805. It is more likely that she was born in her home area of Annagh some 2 kilometres away. Her father was described on her death certificate as “JOHN O’GRADY farmer” and her mother as “MARY MCMAHON”.


    There is another John Grady named at Rossanure which is also in the Feakle parish but I have been unable to trace whether or not it is the same family or indeed the same man leasing two farms. The parish of Feakle was broken down into smaller areas and John was a tenant of Edward Gore in Annagh. 

    John had a relative named James who also farmed land as a tenant of Edward Gore. John’s acreage was 57 acres and James had a slightly smaller property. Their farms were near each other. Unless there were two men named James Grady (and that is possible), James also tenanted some land at Rush Pullagh at Kilbarron. But in 1829 from that land he was evicted by the owner Edmond McGrath. That property is only 2 kilometres away from the Annagh area. It is conceivable that he leased the Gore property after 1829. There is no suggestion in the records of any eviction of either brother from their Annagh farms.

    No records I can find indicate what happened to the two farmers after 1845 but there is a “J Grady” metal cross in the Feakle Cemetery.

    Paul Cronin


    Wednesday 12th Oct 2022, 10:50PM
  • Paul, 

    Many thanks for that input. 

    It is possible that the John Grady (b c 1820) who married Mary Hynes in c 1850 was a close relation to Catherine.

    Are there any direct relations of these Gradys living in Australia now and if so could I contact them and see whether they are DNA matches with the family I have been looking at?

    My email is



    Sunday 16th Oct 2022, 08:54AM
  • All


    Update on the Grady family of Feakle

    A note written by a descendant of John Grady and Mary Hynes has added new info.

    there were 3 girls in the family - Bridget, Mary and Anne. All 3 went to the US, married and had family there. Info on one, Mary shows she married Reeves Bush in NY and I have good info on that branch of the family. No further info yet on the other two girls.

    2 of the 5 boys went to America Edward and Thomas. We have good info on Edwards family. Thomas was working in the lumber industry, had a bad accident, had a leg amputated blow the knee and died shortly afterwards. 

    Regarding the other 3 boys - John, Stephen and Patrick - no further info at this point but I found no marriage or death records in Feakle or Scarriff for them, nor any migration records that clearly related to them.



    Sunday 16th Oct 2022, 09:02AM
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