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Looking for any Kelly or Egan information from Kilchreest around 1812 to 1820.



Sunday 1st Dec 2019, 10:29PM

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  • Dear DawgyMama:  Many thanks for your post to the message board.  Have you checked the Clondegad parish page from the Clare Library website?  I know that the parish registers do not begin until 1846 but there are other resources there that may be of use to you.  The link is here:

    If you have specific names and more specific dates, there may be further information available.  Please be sure to post any further information on this thread and one of us will do our best to assist you.  

    Kind regards,  


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 2nd Dec 2019, 11:15AM
  • Thanks, Jane

    This side of the tree has been sorely neglected for years so I have my work cut out for me!

    I'll follow that link, and thanks again.

    Shannon O'Brien


    Tuesday 3rd Dec 2019, 04:10AM

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