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I'm hoping someone can help me find the marriage details of Daniel and Nancy/Ann Quinlivan. Perhaps they were married in the late 1830's, early 1840's (?) as their two children Thomas was born 1841 and Patrick in 1844. They were both baptised at St. Flannan's Killaloe.

Of importance Thomas and Patrick's mother Nancy/Ann is listed on their baptism registrations as Anne Shalloo. The passenger list on the Reliance in 1850 refer to her as Nancy Shelton.  After arriving in Australia she is referred to as Ann Shelton. 

My father said he was told growing up that his great-grandfather Daniel lived in O'Briensbridge which is across the river from Clonboy and Guarranboy which is where the two boys grew up. 

There is a church in Bridgetown called St. Thomas'. My understandiing is that registers from this church were in PROI in 1922 and don't exist. 

I look forward in anticipation. Regards Anne (nee Quinlivan)

Anne Quinlivan

Saturday 30th Sep 2023, 05:00AM

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