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Sinon Nunan came to Australia around 1853, believed to be unassisted immigrant. Came from Clohanes, Co Clare. Parents Timothy Nunan and Honora Killeen. It is believed he met his wife to be Margaret Cahill off the boat in Melbourne. Margaret came to Melbourne with her siblings Cornelius and Maryann. Parents Patrick Cahill and Mary Sullivan, Also from Clohanes. They were married in Melbourne on Sept 8th 1853.

Family story has it that they named all their houses in Australia "Dunbeg"  after the village in Co Clare. The church in Dunbeg and all records within burnt down in 1970s.

We have no information on the family in Ireland on either side. There is a possible grave, Timothy Nunan in Kilnacloghaun cemetery near Dunbeg, which could be Sinon's father. All efforts to find BMD certificates so far have failed. 

We know both Sinon and Margaret were literate: Sinon especially so.  Named their children: John James, Patrick Edward, Mary, Timothy, Margaret and Honora (twins) Michael, Sinon.  All born in Australia.

Variant spelling of the names has made this search more difficult. Any help appreciated.


Sunday 16th Oct 2022, 03:44AM

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