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Patrick Curtin (c1800) and Mary (c1808 nee Quin) immigrated to Tasmania with their family in 1856. We have DNA links also in USA. Seeking any details on Curtin family and  Mary and the Quins who are shown next to Curtin allotment in Griffiths Vals prior to 1856.


Thursday 24th Aug 2023, 11:27PM

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  • Rowena,

    Ballynahown is in the RC parish of Lisdoonvarna, and their birth records began in 1854. On the site, there are birth records for four children born to Catherine (Kate) Quin(n) & Michael Kenny in "Ballynihaun (Ballynahoin)".Their children are: Honour (1855), Michael (1860), Bridget (1862), and James (1865). Catherine could be a relation to your Mary....probably not a sister, maybe a niece/cousin?? Michael Kenny is also a tenant in Ballynahown along with the record showing Connor Quinn, Austin & Andrew Curtin as tenants. There's no telling how they are related to Patrick and Mary though.




    Friday 25th Aug 2023, 12:20AM
  • Hi Rowena

    I am in Australia too, I have three Curtin/Curtain families that are either related to me, or are related to another family (we thought we were related but aren't)....  I also have Quinn's somewhere in the family too, but will need to look at my tree.  It was a marriage into our family here in Australia.  The mid 1800s there were LOTS of families that arrived, especially from County Clare. Did your family stay in Tasmania or move to the mainland? If they moved to the mainland, please let us know which state and even town, so it helps us to help you.  Were they assisted immigrants?  Were they sponsored by friends/family?  The reason I ask is because there was a massive group of families from County Clare that were in South Australia and Victoria and some of them DID go to Tasmania too, which means they could be tied to your family even after they arrived.  Sometimes its those connections that have done research and may have info on your family further back in Clare... and across to the US.  

    I am happy to look at my families but WHO are the Curtin families mentioned in the Griffiths Valuations that you are referring to?   Would you please post the dates, locations (townland and property etc) and the peoples names you are asking about so we can look through our families to see if there are any that match? 



    Sunday 27th Aug 2023, 01:45PM
  • Thank you Carolyn and Lily. 

    Carolyn : We have Kenny family as rellies - Margaret youngest of Andrew & Mary Curtin married James Hoare Canny/Kenny and settled in NZ. And also suspected that Kate is related.  Connor Quin b 1825 could also probably be Mary's brother. Extrapolating Trees and building ghost trees helps. Thank you for confirming date of records for the Parish. While frustrating it helps a lot. 

    Lily, Andrew and Mary Curtin departed Liverpool Sep 1856 on the Sir W F Williams paying their own way with 7 children. No english, gaelic only. Rc and the Clare details. Two daughters had come out earlier in1854 as Bounty Girls - Dairy Maids and were engaged by James Brown in Hbt. He paid their Tickets. The Mary married in the Huon, Betty went to NZ to her sister. The family came straight to Tasmania settling in the Cygnet area where they remained. They established orchards and some of the children continued this. My ggf Francis Curtin married Ellen Hassett who had come out sponsored by her Uncle Timothy Hassett from Limerick (I have found no confirmation of the oft repeated Blenner-Hassett who were English).  One son Martin AKA Michael went to South Africa, Austin to NZ and Andrew Jnr to USA mining. My Tree is on Ancestry. Sangwell-Butler Family Tree. I am aware of Curtins in Qld. and Victoria and even Tasmania. Trying to confirm links through DNA. Also DNA links through Curtin families in USA.  The early history of the family in Ballynahown is my quest, also Michael in Sth Africa. We have a pic of his two daughters sent to the grandparents but no details however I do have aDNA match that might be promising.

    Cheers Rowena. (Tasmania)


    Sunday 27th Aug 2023, 10:49PM

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