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I'm a descendent of Thomas Frawley and Mary Markham. They were Roman Catholics. They lived on a property called Kyleatunna (other spellings probably exist). Their first born child Mary was born at Lehaknock in 1849. I see that Kilmaley RC Parish records are continually being updated. Just wondering if there would be a marriage record for Thomas and Mary presumably between 1845 and 1849 in the Kilmaley area ? If possible I would also like to find a birth record for Thomas Frawley, presumably in the 1820's. His father was most likely named Michael, as Thomas and Mary named their first son Michael.


Wednesday 19th Apr 2023, 11:52PM

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  • Batesy,

    The Clare County Library, has birth records for their eight children. While the marriage records for the RC parish of Kilmaley began in 1828, I could not locate their marriage record. Lehaknock is a townland in Kilmaley where their first child was born Mar 1849. With the birth of their son John, June 1858, it shows the family lived in "Rath..." - the transcription is incomplete. There is another townland in Kilmaley called Rathcrony, so that's a possiblity. The births of their final sons, Thomas (13 Apr 1862) and Patrick (5 Feb 1866), show the family lived in Kyleatunna, another townland, not a property. 

    There is a Griffith's Valuation (1855) record for a Michael Frawley in this is possibly Thomas' father as you mention above.

    The other children are: Michael (May 1851), Bridget (Mar 1853), Michael (29 Jul 1855), and Anne (Jul 1860).



    Thursday 20th Apr 2023, 05:29AM
  • Batesy,

    In case you don't have these records for the Markham family, there are Tithe Applotment (1826) records for James and John Markham in "Leaghaknock" as well as a Patrick Markham in Rathcrony. Could well be Mary's family.


    Thursday 20th Apr 2023, 05:20PM
  • Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks for this information. I would've thought that if they were married it would have occurred in the late 1840's, so it's surprising that a record can't be found. Perhaps they were married outside Kilmaley parish. 


    Friday 21st Apr 2023, 01:41AM

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