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Hello, I have Irish ancestors who came from Kilmihil Parish.  My McMahon and Reardon ancestors most likely lived in Ballyduneen Townland.  They emigrated to America during the potato famine (before the Kilmihil church records began).  If anyone else has a connection to these families, I would be interested in contact.

J.E. Purcell

Monday 15th May 2023, 09:12PM

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  • Full names? year of birth? parents' names? anything you know would be helpful.


    Tuesday 16th May 2023, 12:04AM
  • J.E,

    Attached a record of a Thomas Reardon in the townland of Lacken - Kilmihil parish in 1826.


    While "Reardon" is not a common name in County Clare, the surname "McMahon" is quite common.

    Thomas Reardon had a very small plot of land, so it would indicate that he connected with some family in the area. Other "Reardon's" in County Clare -1825 - are in the area of Broadford - County Clare.



    Tuesday 16th May 2023, 08:30AM
  • Thanks for your replies!  Since you are interested, here is the info I have:  My McMahon family that came to America included mother Honora (abt. 1790 - abt. 1870) and her grown children Simon (abt. 1812-1883), Patrick (abt. 1821-1875), Margaret (abt. 1824-1875), Thomas (abt. 1827-1902), and John (abt. 1830-1873). The early deaths were from tuberculosis.  Margaret McMahon married James Purcell, who I have deduced came from the neighboring parish of Clondagad.  No marriage record has been found, so I don't know if they married in Ireland or America. Their oldest child that I know of (my great-grandfather) was born in America in 1854. Some of the brothers' death records state that their parents' names were Michael McMahon and Honora Reardon.  Thomas' gravestone inscription states that he was a native of Kilmihil.

    I know that the name McMahon is very common in Clare, while Reardon is very rare.  I also found a John Reardon in the Tithe Applotment Books (attached here), immediately above a Michael McMahon in Ballyduneen Townland, Kilmihil Parish.  So chances are those are my relatives.

    J.E. Purcell

    Wednesday 17th May 2023, 01:59PM

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