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I am a member of the Killuran Parish where my Mulqueeny/Mulqueen relatives reside.  I am doing research on a Mary Mulqueen Moloney of Dooras. She married Thomas Moloney in 1903 of Callura and is buried in the Kilseily Parish cemetery. I have her Civil Registration marriage record in 1903. Lists her father as Michael Mulqueen. I am trying to figure out if she is the daughter of Michael Mulqueen + Catherine Lynch of Dooras or daughter of Michael Mulqueen + Anne Ryan of Dooras (I know they are in the O'Callahan Mills records. I have them all but I could never find a baptism record for a Mary Mulqueeny tied to either of these couples.)  

This is the family headstone in the O'Shea Acres Cemetery I found on the Cty Clare Library.…

If possible, I would like to connect with any descendants of this family to see if they know the answer.  I have done extensive research on the Mulqueeny's of Dooras. 

Daniel Mulqueen died in 1866 + Bridget Kennerly died in 1890

I have his death record. Informant is Biddy Mulqueen who I am assuming is his wife although not identified in the record.  

Here is her death record at the Civil Registration site:…; She lived a long time. The informant is listed as Mary Mulqueen granddaughter of Dooras/Doorus.

I believe this Mary in Bridget Mulqueens death record is the one who married Thomas Moloney in 1903 and lived in Callura. I would like to confirm who were the parents of Mary Mulqueen Moloney - Michael Mulqueen + Catherine Lynch or Michael Mulqueen + Anne Ryan. 

I appreciate your help and assistance. 









Wednesday 6th Jun 2018, 05:13PM

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    Dear Rosanna:  

    Great to hear from you and sounds Ike you are getting a lot of new information.  I found a Mary Mulqueeny civil birth for 1873 (there are 2) but this one deals with Dooras as the residence.  The mother is Catherine Lynch.  Do you think that this could be the one?  I note that i the 1901 Census, Mary Mulqueen is a servant for the McMahon family in Calluragh (near Ballinruan/Crusheen).  I’ have screenshotted the birth record and hopefully I can attach it.  If not, I’ll try to send it to you via an email address which I have as you have corresponded with me via Tulla.  

    Let me know what you think of the above.  

    Kind regards,  


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Thursday 7th Jun 2018, 10:18AM
  • Jane,

    Thank you for your response. I will email you regarding my information.





    Friday 8th Jun 2018, 04:21PM


    Hi Rosanna,

      I have a note of the Catholic Parish Register for the Baptism of Mary Mulqueeny, daughter of Michael Mulqueeny  and Catherine Lynch.  Its Ist August 1873 and the godparents are William Lynch and Bridget Peppard  Dooras.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Maree 









    Monday 25th Jun 2018, 07:23AM
    • Rosanna,  
    • I have an interest in your Moloney line as my gr grandfather's sister Hanora Masonb.1835 Athlunkard, Co. Clare, daughter of James Mason & Bridget Hayes, m. Michael Moloney, son of Timothy, in Parteen R.C. Church on Feb 12, 1865.  At their marriage, the residence for both was listed as Knocknameath, Co. Clare.  I don't know where Michael was born.  There were two children born to Michael & Hanora, Marion b. Dec 1865 and John b. Feb 1867.  After John's birth, I have lost track of this family.  FYI, 8 of the 12 siblings of Hanora emmigrated to Chicago, IL.
    • Hope you'll see a connection.
    • Good luck with your search.
    • Judith Mason
    • Chicago, IL



    Thursday 28th Jun 2018, 10:28PM
  • Hi Rosanna,

    It’s definitely Michael and Catherine Lynch.  If you look at the names of the children of Thomas and Mary in the 1911 census you will see they are named in order William for Thomas’ father, Kate for Mary’s mother, Michael for Mary’s father.  The next girl would have been named Mary for Thomas’ mother.  Cheers, Kevin





    Saturday 20th Oct 2018, 12:07PM
  • Hi Rosanna

    I have just come accross your post so you have most likely solved the puzzle by now.

    My great granfather Michael Mulqueen (1866 - 1954) was a brother to Mary (Minnie) Moloney. She had 12 siblings five of whom came to Australia (Three in 1891 and Two in 1901).

    They were the children of Michael Mulqueen and Catherine Lynch.

    Apparently birth records were pretty hit and miss back then. Three other of her siblings were also not recorded.

    Her sister Johanna (who married a Thomas Malone) was a witness to the marriage of Mary and Thomas according to my research.

    Hope that this helps.

    Can give you more detail if you require.

    Would be very much appreciative of any information that you might have regarding the Mulqueen Family of Dooras/us.


    Peter Mulqueen (Australia)




    Peter M

    Monday 17th Aug 2020, 12:53PM
  • Hi Peter,

    With assistance of Jane Halloran and Rosanna, I was able to meet up with descendants of Mary Maloney, William Mulqueen  and Johanna  Malone the children of Michael Mulqueen and Catherine Lynch who remained in Ireland.  It was my first visit to Ireland and County Clare and what a memorable one it was. 

    We had a lovely meal and were entertained by the very talented girls of Liam and Helen Mulqueen of Claremount Broadford County Clare. I learned a lot of the family whiIe I was there and was able to fill them in on our family in Sydney Australia.  

    My 2 x great grandmother was Margaret Mulqueeny of Dooras County Clare who immigrated to Sydney in 1854. I believe from the Parish Church Registers of Marriage and Baptism the name was originally Mulqueeny and became Mulqueen in future generations. We would love to be able to find the connection between our two families. I believe the Mulqueens who came to Australia remained in Victoria. 

    Hoping we can stay in touch.


    Maree Young 






    Tuesday 18th Aug 2020, 10:27AM
  • Peter,

    It is wonderful to connect with you. I am live in St. Louis Missouri.  I connected with Maree on a County Clare Facebook Genealogy page about 4 years ago.  We discovered we were researching the same Mulqueenys!  My 2nd great grandfather is Thomas Mulqueeny.  He came to the US in about 1854. We think he came with a brother named Patrick Mulqueeny.  In the US there were other relatives. We believe a sister or Aunt named Helen Mulqueeny lived in New York City. Also a Bridget Mulqueeny Dundon was in New York City. She died there in the 1890s.  Her husband is William Dundon - they married in O'Callaghan Mills Church in about 1845.  

    My line of Mulqueeny's lived in New York City from about 1854 to 1870. They left for Jasper County Illinois in 1870 and purchased land from the Illinois Central railroad. I still have most of my cousins in that area of Illinois. I have 50 1st cousins believe it or not.  

    There is another relative Catherine Mulqueeny White.  She is our favorite relative because she left us so many clues.  She went to Sydney Australia in 1854.  She went to her sister Margaret Mulqueeny. Her parents were already deceased in 1854. That was noted on her ship manifest. Catherine helped a number of relatives come to Australia.  In particular, she helped Johnanna O'Halloran daughter of Margaret Mulqueeny and Roger O'Halloran.  They lived in Bendigo.  We have heard from an O'Halloran descendant that the Mulqueens in Bendigo who owned the morguary, gave his relatives for their funerals since they were cousins.

    Catherine Mulqueen married James White in Sydney Australia in 1870.  Her marriage certificate noted that her parents are Michael Mulqueeny and Anne Cooney.  She left for the US in about 1871.  When she got to the US, she tried to find her brother Thomas. She left 2 advertisements in the Boston Pilot Catholic Newspaper - looking for him.  That is how I discovered Catherine exsisted - when I found copies of those advertisements.  In addition, when Catherine died, her obituary listed Maree's 2nd great grandmother so that is how Catherine connected us to the Australian cousins.

    We would love to connect with you. We are wondering if your relative who stayed in Dooras - Michael Mulqueeny who married Catherine Lynch is actually the older brother of our Mulqueeny's.  That is what Maree and I have been trying to figure out.

    Just so you know, there are other Mulqueeny's in the line in the US.  Mary Mulqueeny married WIlliam Collins. One of their daughters Ann Collins married a Matthew Moloney. They came to the US and settled in Chicago, Illinois. We have been in touch with those descendants. We found them via DNA matches.  


    Kind regards,

    Rosanna Hogarty - 






    Tuesday 18th Aug 2020, 09:42PM

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