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In case anyone is looking at the census returns for Kilseily parish, the townland of Drumsillagh - Sallybank Merritt is transcribed as Ballybankmerrit:…

It's transcribed correctly in the 1911 census page:…


In the Tithe Applotment books it's listed under the Wexford parish of Kilscoran - along with the rest of the parish.…

I hope this helps others.




Monday 19th Aug 2013, 06:39PM

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  • Hi Aileen,

    Thank you very much for sharing this-it should be very helpful for anyone researching the area!

    Best wishes,


    Genealogy Support


    Emma Carty

    Wednesday 21st Aug 2013, 12:26PM
  • Dear Aileen:


    Thanks for letting all of us know about the errors.  You are right--there are a number of transcription errors in the records.  I believe that you can report them -- particularly with regard to the transcription work that the National Archives has done.  Will you do that as they will correct the information?


    Many thanks for your eagle-eyes!!  It's a huge help to people.  There is nothing worse than following wrong information.


    All the best,



    Tulla Clare, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Wednesday 21st Aug 2013, 07:52PM
  • Hi Jane,

    All errors have been duly reported.  Unfortunately the Nationla archives do not have the facility to upload their corrections very often.  They recently uploaded corrections to the census records - and some of the reports I've made in the past have been corrected, however, from the talk given in the National Library last Thursday, I won't hold my breathe awaiting further corrections.

    The National Archives are fantastic and their online resources are excellent.  Unfortunately they don't have the budget or the resources to complete all their plans for their website.




    Sunday 25th Aug 2013, 01:36PM

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