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I am reearching Margaret Ryan who married James Riddler in 1931. Her marriage certificate says that her father's name was James and her residence at the time of her marriage was Killula NewMarket on Fergus County Clare. Her 1964 death was registered in Ennis, County Clare. I would like to know the name of her mother. I found a birial record indicating that she was 58 years old at the time of her death in 1964, whcih would make her born in about 1906. 

I looked for a Margaret with father James born between 1900 & 1910. I did find a family with father James Ryan and mother Bridget Moloney who had a daughter named Margaret  of the right age.  Locations in the records make sense with where Margaret was living at the time of her marriage, etc. 

Is there a way for me to determine definitively that Bridget Moloney is the correct mother for my Margaret Ryan who married James Riddler ?

Better still does anyone know if Margaret Ryan, daughter of James Ryan and Bridget Moloney (married 13 Feb 1896) married James Riddler in 1931? Or is Bridget not the correct Mother for MY Margaret Ryan?

Thanks for any help you can provide.



Sunday 21st Mar 2021, 02:28AM

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  • Hi Marge,

    James Ryan, Culleen, Newmarket-on-Fergus married Bridget Moloney of Belvoir in O'Callaghan's Mill Church.

    Daughter - Margaret - born June 28th 1901. Maried James Riddler of Doora, Ennis in Newmarket-on-Fergus on April 8th 1931. Culleen townland is close to Bunratty and in the ancient parish of Drumline. Killulla townland is in the same general area and in the ancient parish of Clonloghan. Both are close to Shannon airport.

    James Ryan is recorded in the 1911 census with a daughter Margaret aged 9. DED (District Electoral Division) of Urlan.

    I hope this will be of assistance.



    Sunday 21st Mar 2021, 09:53AM

    I know all of this.

    My question is "is the Margaret Ryan who married James Riddler in 1931, the same Margaret Ryan who is the daughter of James Ryan and Bridget Moloney"?



    Sunday 21st Mar 2021, 11:25AM
  • Researching the name Ryan is difficult. Making links from one generation to the other is also difficult because with a name like Ryan there will be multiple possibilities. Often, if there is no obvious link of exact dates, geography and names, different sources that tie together, you have to work on making a list of candidates from the public records online (free) and then looking at possibilities - a process of elimination from your list? See what you are left with? Sometimes there is not an easy road?

    I think you were a little ungrateful too of the other respondent who provided free information that was not available from your enquiry, nor was it available to anyone reading this question who might respond?

    This forum works on the generosity of people giving their free time and experience to others because they have shared the same agonies of tracing families and history in Ireland. No one is able to tell you if it is or it is not the right Margaret Ryan except yourself, all they can do is add to your information and make a suggestion or two?



    Seamus Crowe, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 28th Mar 2021, 07:57AM

    So I have made a list of Margaret Ryans who are candidates, who might be the Margaret Ryan I am looking for.  Margaret Ryan, daughter of James Ryan and Bridget Moloney appears to me to be a good candidate for many reasons. I posted this question thinking that there might be someone who is related to this Margaret Ryan or her family who might be able to answer my question.

    I did not intend to offend anyone by this posting. Apologies if I offended McCoy or anyone else.



    Sunday 28th Mar 2021, 02:32PM
  • Hi Marge,

    Regarding your latest post, I am not offended. I tried to send you on a tour, that may be beneficial to you. You have certain facts which are leading you in a particuilar direction. You just have to trust your instincts. As regards the address "Killulla" given for the marriage record, this is the address that would be more identifiable. Culleen would not be so!

    Best Wishes,


    Monday 29th Mar 2021, 05:59PM

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