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My great, great grandfather Michael many, many other Michael McNamaras....came to the United States from County Clare in the mid-1860s. Recently, I stumbled across a birth register that I feel relatively certain could be him (see pic). It appears as though this Michael McNamara was born in 1821. He was baptized on 10 April in Quin, Clare, Ireland. (Clooney, Clouney and Quin listed as Parish variants) in the Diocese of Killaloe. His father was also a Michael McNamara and his mother is listed as Margaret McCorthy (McCarthy.)

Michael often went by the name of Mickey Mack. I'm pretty sure he immigrated in 1868 where he settled in Kansas City, Kansas. (I know it was at least AFTER 1865 because that's when his youngest daughter was born in Ireland.)  He possibly traveled with a family member (brother?) named Denis on the ship Helvetia. He would have been in his 47s, but the immigration record says he's 36. So although that may be off, I have noticed his age is "fluid" depending on the record. So I will hold onto immigration record until I know different.

Michael's wife is listed at Margaret Loughlin/Laughlin on some of their children's birth certificates (when there is a mother listed.) I believe she died in Ireland per family oral history, but have no proof. There is also a family name of Gorman that sometimes comes up, but I'm not sure who to attach that to at this point. 

Michael's children were Mary, Bridget, Margaret, Martin, John Henry (my great grandfather) and Annie and all were born in Ireland. I have an article about Michael's death in Kansas City in 1890 and know the histories of his children in the US. The newspaper story mentions him being a veteran but doesn't say whether that was in the US or Ireland. He sounds like he was a jolly, delightful man beloved by his friends.

Does anyone have any suggestions where to go from here? I'm looking to definitively tie the Micheal McNamara in the birth certificate to my ancestor in Kansas City. And I'd love to continue to go backward and find my greats and greats and greats. 

Thanks in advance for your help,



Friday 18th Jan 2019, 07:09PM

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  • Dear Kate: 

    Thank you for your message to the message board.  I am living in the neighbouring parish of Tulla, but also have McNamara ancestry from the Tulla and Quin areas.  I have looked at your attached record for Michael McNamara's baptism, and I note the surnames of sponsors as Egan and McCarthy.  I also note the address as Knopogue (Knappogue)and this is the area where these McNamaras were living.  You mentioned that Michael had married a Margaret Loughlin who appears to have died in Ireland prior to his leaving?  If so, and as you mention that they had a number of children who would all have been born in Ireland, I had a look in the Quin registers for children but I was not able to find any.  Do you have specific birth dates? 

    If you would like to email me directly, I wil try to assist.  My email address is: 

    Kind regards, 


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 21st Jan 2019, 11:49AM

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