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In 1828 18 farmers refused to have their children educated at Synge's Protestant school and were awarded Daniel O'Connell's Order of Liberators medal. I am trying to find the names of the 18 farmers and the whereabouts of any of the surviving medals. I believe a Jane O'Sullivan nee Crowe of Moyhill (and later Leana Killinaboy) had one she was very proud of (from her Crowe, Moyhill ancestor).

Declan Barron, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

Friday 29th Apr 2022, 06:50PM

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  • In a letter to his wife, DO'C said that he "quietly installed" the members of the order. So perhaps the list of 18 was never made public?


    Friday 29th Apr 2022, 09:51PM
  • I'm hoping descendants of the recipients might come forward. I'm told most of them were tennants of Synge so researching who these tennants were would narrow it down

    Declan Barron, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 8th May 2022, 06:20PM
  • Fascinating.  My geat-great Grandfather had the surname O'Laughlin.  He was born in 1820 in Ennystymon, Co Clare.  Later RC Church records show the family in the parish of Rath.  I will be searching for more information about the 18 farmers.



    Monday 9th May 2022, 11:28PM
  • Hello, Pushing the boundaries of Parish records, each parish would have a different start date - the NLI website gives the dates covered when you enter the parish name? The reason for this is that Catholics were reluctant to leave their records where protestants could find them. Irish history has been perennially plagued by sectarian violence for hundreds of years. Although 1801 saw a change in mood it took each parish decades to have confidence in producing records? This is evident in the reluctance to 'publish' names. I assume newspapers will also be scarce at this time and also reluctant to publish anything but may refer to the Liberators later on in the 1800s when it was possible to do so? I have a Janet Crowe 1824 who was 'replaced' in 1837 of Eugene (John) Crowe = Bridget Ryan - several children. Moyhill of Rath Parish - home area of the Crowe name too. I have a number of Crowe / Moyhill connections on my website - look under Clare and well down the page you will see a section entitled Another Michael - this has a Loughlin = Crowe connection too. My one name study for Crowe has thousands of records and I am slowly getting them onto the website so please ask if you have any questions. I also have membership to FindMyPast and can look for records too. Lastly, I am happy to help out if there is anything I can do to find your Liberators? Regards Seamus

    Seamus Crowe, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 24th Dec 2022, 07:53PM

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