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Susan is my g grand mother left Ireland via Plymouth with parents John and Mary and brothers Michael, Patrick and James in Jan 1864 and came to Australia. She was born about 1850-52. Seeking any info of their history and other family who may have remained.

Dominic White


Tuesday 27th Aug 2013, 05:44AM

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  • Hi Dominic,

    My name is Faye. Patrick Keirce/Kearse is my great great grandfather. He is the son of Martin John Kierce/Kearse and Mary Leydon. He was born in 1828 or 1829 at Loughafolla (spelling may not be correct) Co Clare. He was baptised on 19th Maqrch 1829.  Mary died between 1829 and 17th Jan 1832 when Martin (or John) married Margaret (Mary) Gylnn. I don't know much about Margaret. I know that Patrick married Bridget Morrissey in Gort Galway in c1855. They came to South Australia on the Fitzjames arriving in Adelaide 31st Dec 1855. They sailed from Southampton. I believe his brothers, John and Thomas came with them. I know they moved from Adelaide South Australia with the family in 1869. They moved to Eltham where they stayed.

    It seems too much of a coincidence for my Patrick not to be your Patrick even though there are some difference in spelling of name and slight differences in dates. I have checked the shipping passenger lists so I know that Patrick and Bridget were on the Fitzjames. I will check again to see if Thomas and John were on it. Maybe they did not come to Adelaide until after Martin (John) and Margaret (Mary) moved. 

    I would love to hear from you to compare Family trees. My family tree is on under the name of Faye Wilkes-Johnson.

    Kind regards


    Faye Wilkes-Johnson

    Wednesday 28th Aug 2013, 06:41AM
  • Hi Faye, noce to hear from you.

    We have two Glynn females in family. Susan Mary b 1850 d 19.09.1920 m 1878 to William White and

    Mary Glynn b 1866 d 23.08.1950 m 26.03.1894 to Thomas White illigitamate son of William (above) and Agnes ? Gorman.

    Marys father was Michael Glynn and mother Catherine McMahon.

    Other names in family include Sarah Therry, numerous O'Neills, Cusack, Finn, McMahon and a bit further afield Wilson, Healy, O'Hearn.

    If any of this means anything to you please let me know.

    Dominic White


    Wednesday 28th Aug 2013, 09:55PM
  • I will do some checking but although it looked promising I'm not sure it is the same family. Thank you for getting back so quickly. This Family herirage stuff is vey addictive once you start.


    Faye Wilkes-Johnson

    Thursday 29th Aug 2013, 04:41AM
  • Hi Dominic

    My research is showing that there is no apparent connection with your Glynn females. I guess we clutch at straws when we get hooked on Family heritage. I will keep checking. Good luck with your search.


    Faye Wilkes-Johnson

    Thursday 29th Aug 2013, 09:09AM
  • Thanks Faye



    Thursday 29th Aug 2013, 11:47PM
  • Cantwells Memorials of the Dead (Clare)


    Killinaboy graveyard;

    Johanna Glynn (nee Quinn); 15/4/1820 (53)

    erected by husband-John

    Patrick Moloney; 8/1/1838 (19)

    erected by parents- Patrick & Margaret Moloney (nee Glynn)


    Noughaval graveyard;

    Eleanor Hynes-Noughaval- (nee Glynn); 14/3/1816  (33)

    erected by husband-James-Tullycoin


    Jack Mc Donald


    Saturday 31st Aug 2013, 06:46PM
  • Thanks Jack, will see if I can put it in perspective.



    Saturday 31st Aug 2013, 11:24PM
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