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I've been researchig my great, great grandmother Bridget Freeman for 20 plus years which has presented many challenges as she appears to have stayed below the radar in most records in both Australia and Ireland,

However, I've narrowed down to one particular Bridget Freeman who I believe to be her (her Australian marriage certificate states she was born in 1844, but no date stated). She was baptised on 9th Feb, 1844 in the parish of Parteen, of the Roman Catholice faith and residing at Gurtygerane (today known as either Gort Gearrain or Gortgaurraun I think).  Her parents were Michael Freeman and Anna Brennan and her sponsor was Bridget Downes.   I cannot find a record of Michael Freeman and Anna Brennan marrying but give the destruction of some Irish records, that is not surprising.

I know there were Freeman families in Kilraghtis, Killone, Drumcliff, Clondagad, Kilfintinan, Kiltenanlea and Clooney, according to the Griffiths Valuations, but I don't know these locations proximity to Parteen Diocese, nor how likely it was that they moved around.  I have located a Bridget and Mary Freeman through these valuations at Gilloge in Kiltenanlea, which I believe is in the Parteen diocese and for some reason I keep coming back to that particular couple, mainly because my gg grandmother was known in Australia as both Bridget and Mary through existing records (confirmed).

However I can only find a Michael Freeman in the valuations at Kilfintinan, which may not necessarily be her father.

Bridget arrived in Australia in the 1860s but no record can be found of the exact arrival time or location so I don't know when she left Ireland.

Can anyone give me any advice on how to narrow my search based on the above? Or, know of any Freeman/Brennan families living in the Parteen Diocese at that time which may be relevant.

Is there a local historical society I could contact (have exhausted Clare Library and other major sources)?

Any help or advice would be truly welcomed.

Many thanks.

Lynn Bickerstaff, Australia




Lynn Bickerstaff

Friday 23rd Jan 2015, 05:07AM

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  • Lynn:

    Parteen is an RC parish not a diocese. Although in Co. Clare, the church is part of the Diocese of Limerick. Here is a link to the Diocese. The parish is called Parteen and Meelick.

    The parish is in the civil parish of St. Patrick's which is a small parish consisting of 25 townlands including Garraun which borders Co. Limerick.

    I looked at the Griffiths from 1855 and the only Michael Freeman was in Kilfintinan which is three parishes to the west of St. Patrick's. There were four Mary Freemans but the most likely is the one you found in Gilloge townland in Kiltenanlea civil parish. The Bridget listed in Gilloge is not the 1844 Bridget but could be the mother of Michael.

    This summer the National Library of Ireland plans to put the RC parish registers online for free searching. You can then search the Partenn records. I would also search the neighboring parish of Clonlara.

    I'm not aware of a local historical society.

    Let me know if you have questions.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 23rd Jan 2015, 05:39PM

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